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So, what’s the real impact of training…?images

Whether it be in school, university, or at some point in our careers, we all have to be trained. And yes, sometimes it isn’t the most engaging or exciting process.  But training is utterly essential; particularly when it comes to understanding how you can tailor your software usage to suit your needs. That’s where Phil and myself come in.

Being ex-estate agents we can certainly talk a good game, but we are also lucky to work for a company that believes in developing their staff and fund their training.

PTLLS, or ‘preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector’, to give the course its full name gives trainers and teachers the skills they need to engage their trainees. It’s a given that we know the software inside out, but we are now well versed in the techniques that really help to impart our knowledge and solidify the training for you.

downloadWe consistently receive excellent feedback for our  training courses, and you can find some examples below, but it’s also really interesting to focus on the impact after training:

Gilson Bailey, a leading estate agent based in Norwich recently invested in a full days onsite training, which I had the pleasure of conducting. There was a mixture of new starters who had experience of using other software packages, and existing users who were comfortable with the day to day functionality.

We split the day into two main sessions, with the day to day tasks and diary management in the morning, and a focus on sales progression in the afternoon.

Following the training, Gilson Bailed has featured in our top 10 estate agents of the month a number of times; a sure sign that their success in the field is replicated in their now extensive knowledge and use of Dezrez one.

If you would like to discuss training please contact us via email


“Thank you for offering up your support services.  I enjoyed the training.  The Dezrez system seems incredibly well put together and managed” – Lisa Goodson, Christine Penny Sales and Lettings


“Simeon arrived with a can-do attitude, extremely friendly and warm. His approach was so effective I felt at east and within the training time picked up the Dezrez System very quickly. He is an asset to your company” – Lisa Walton, Jersey Development Company


I have sat through many hours of mind-numbing workshops and training sessions. Our Dezrez experience however, couldn’t have been more different; it was relaxed, felt fairly informal and we even managed to have a laugh throughout it – thumbs up to Phil. Before the session ran, I did think we were paying through the nose for the service. However, my opinion has totally changed and I do believe it is value for money” – Stephanie Walker – Abode


 “Very well planned out; covered more than we expected and stayed late to help us with extra questions. You couldn’t have sent a better trainer. 10/10 – we would recommend” – Nadine Callander, Carters of Nuneaton


‘I really found the training I received from Simeon helpful and would highly recommend’ – Sophie Blunstone, Open Property Group

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Rezi on the Road – with Chris James.

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Rezi on the Road – with Chris James.

It’s been another exciting month on the road; filled with sunshine, coastal towns and delighted estate agents, but it’s not just the weather making them happy… The prospect of using Rezi to run the estate agencies has the Directors, Managers, Negotiators and Admin staff looking forward to the winter too!

There is still availability to come on board with Rezi later on this year, but it’s worth enquiring soon as Rezi has been introduced in 2015 with a special launch promotion ending 24th December. That may seem far away, but with only 18 Fridays until Christmas, time is ticking on.

Agents in Brighton, Kent, London, York and Torquay have signed up to Rezi in July and are looking forward to using it on their PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles when they go live in November.

Of course we all know that the cold festive months are quieter due to the fact most people are considering what to buy their family and friends, so it’s wise that these agents have scheduled for the new system to be ‘presented’ to the staff then.

Fortunately Rezi doesn’t require any install, or new hardware, it’s completely cloud based, meaning that when you do choose to make the switch, we’ll prepare all your data, brochures, windows cards and logins in the background allowing you to continue business as normal, with no disruption. On the day you go live, you’ll have the training at your office or with us in Swansea and as soon as it’s finished you’re ‘Rezi to go’!

Remember you can contact Chris via email at to find out more about Rezi and arrange a demo when it suits you.

Learn more about Rezi Here

Social Media Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

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What is social media marketing? Social

Social media marketing has exploded as brands have realised its potential to reach and engage with their customers. And, with so much competition out there and multiple different social media channels to choose from it can be hard to know where to start… or where to stop

If unmanaged, social media can be ineffective and even damaging. So, to help estate agents enjoy meaningful online conversations with their clients, I have outlined some basic tips and examples to illustrate the importance of social media and how you should establish its identity online.

Getting started 

Being well prepared is everything; especially as an estate agency online marketing is one of the most effective methods to market your properties and services. This is why it is so important to complete a bit of groundwork to help you understand how best to engage with your customers.

Ask yourself what can you do for them? How can your products and services help them achieve their goals, such as making a house purchase in a particular area or managing a buy to let!

By understanding what makes them tick you can create engaging content that is relevant, whilst not forgetting your own goals! Social media allows you to grow awareness of  your estate agency brand and allows for two way conversations with customers and stakeholders.

It is always worth connecting your website and social media activity to ensure traffic is driven to the end goal, contacting you and not your competitors.

Become the best you can be on one or two platforms

Unless you have a small army of staff you don’t want to be on every social media platform. Think where your customers spend most of their time and focus there; for example Facebook will be far more effective for estate agents than LinkedIn. I recommend starting with a Twitter and Facebook Page.

Twitter is becoming more popular among consumers and is the fastest way to build an audience of relevant followers for your content. The primary reason is to give you have an opportunity to interact and engage with the right people for your agency; even if they don’t follow you back.

Facebook is a good medium for rapidly increasing awareness of your estate agency. Have a peek at your competitors’ pages and updates and how they are useing Twitter and Facebook. How many fans and followers are engaging with them? What results are they seeing? What is working and what is not working? How can you improve and do things differently?

Advertise your properties on Facebook with Facebook Property Search


downloadDress your shop window & entice people in
Your personal profile is like your shop window. If it doesn’t look attractive and inviting then it will put customers off. Make sure you include a professional photo,  headline, and summary, and most importantly don’t forget to include easy to find contact details. I also recommend that you set aside some time to upload compelling images and videos to illustrate your brand, product and services.

Every social media platform has its own personality with specific ways of presenting your information.  In a similar fashion your business brand is always your business brand. This means that no matter what social media platform someone encounters your brand on, it should basically be the same; just adjusted slightly to fit in with the personality of that platform.

Don’t fall into the trap of using only text in your Tweets or Facebook posts. Images, videos and links to your websites add life to your social media profiles and mean they are more likely to stand out from other competitive posts. Ideally, you want to post content that captures the imagination and maintains interest from your fans and followers.  Adding multi-media content makes it easy for customers to scan your feed and hone in on areas of interest as it immediately provides a quick flavour of  your posts.


Create rapport

When the opportunity arises, it is important to take an interest in your customers. Find out where they congregate and open a dialogue.  It takes time and effort to get on their radar:

  • Pitch ideas and ask for their opinions
  • Comment on something they have posted
  • Ask for their feedback using surveys or polls that benefit them
  • Give them credit where you agree with them or admire things they have done
  • Above all else be genuine. Don’t be fake interest, they’ll see right through it

Be sure to consistently participate and offer information and insights that add value to the conversation, read discussion threads, blog posts and any other information you can lay your hands on.

Tip: engage with influences in environments they use, for example if they are using Facebook but not Twitter keep it like that.

It is important to follow the right people, be followed by the right people and share relevant and interesting content always by adhering to the rules of the different social media networks.


Leftfield thinking creates free advertising hashtags-facebook

Hashtags are a way to find content and for social networks to measure what topics are trending. You can use hashtag in social media to identify messages on a specific topic giving you the chance to reach out to potential customers who could be interested in your content (and products and services).

If you add #hashtags for the sake of it then it will loose value and can actually have a negative effect on the of the post by referencing to many subjects. Too many hashtags create white noise and put people off. An example of this is repeating hashtags such as ‘#Estate Agents learn how to use social media like a pro to gain competitive edge over #estateagents’.

The tip is not to use more than 2-3 hashtags in each post and capitalise on the key message and target audience relevant to your content.


Joining the dots and building followers

A good way of capturing relevant customers to follow or like your social media pages is by adding social media buttons on your website.  These allow people to easily connect with you or share content with their followers, which is a great way to encourage brand endorsement.  It also allows you to capture customers browsing your website who you can continue to communicate your products and services to on an ongoing basis after they leave. A great free tool set is Add This which provides you with a number of free social media buttons and other marketing goodies.

Make sure that all your buttons are easily seen and bare in mind that larger buttons get more clicks than smaller buttons.


Free online management

Logging in and out of different social platforms can seem slow and time consuming there are many software tools that allow you to manage each of your social profiles in one easy to use place, which is ideal for busy estate agents like yourselves.  Two of the most popular are Hootsuite and Sendible.  These both have free options and allow you to engage across multiple social media platforms, monitor mentions of your brand,  react to negative sentiment, grow your business with powerful lead generation tools and measure the success of your marketing efforts with in-depth reporting.

I hope that these tips have helped you and if you haven’t already be sure to follow us on social media or email me at

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The Covert Habits of Estate Agents

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property-agency-training---professional-estate-and-letting-agency-trainingThe Covert Habits of Estate Agents

Following last month’s revelation that estate agents are less masters of equivocation and more hardworking purveyors of benevolence, we decided to pursue the theme.  What could our analytics unveil about motivations?  Specifically, is estate agency a vocation or does it lean more to the stereotype, attracting cynical charlatans eager for a cash injection into a better lifestyle and an early exit from the rat race?

To that end, we have focused this month on our estate agent customers who are over 50, digging a little deeper into those working past the age of 65.  Whilst we delve into our stats for a little fun, we are increasingly surprised by the results!


news6Silver hairs outfox national averages

Well, it appears Dezrez estate agents work just as hard in their twilight years as the rest of the UK workforce. 30% of people employed in the UK are over 50 whereas our stats suggest that 31.5% of our estate agents are in this bracket. They are no slouches.  Morning larks; they are highly experienced and disciplined with two thirds clocking off at 5pm and the majority of the rest by 6pm.


Honing skills and knowledge over decades

Not only do more estate agents work into their 50s than the national average, it seems property professionals buck the trend elsewhere. Whilst the gender distribution of the over 50s in UK employment favours men, 54% of our estate agents aged 50 and above are women.  But the facts don’t stop there.

Adding weight to our anti-stereotype crusade is the hefty 89.9% of the UK population who put their feet-up when they reach 65.  Not so, our silver foxed agents, or should I say vixens?  With skills and knowledge honed over decades, 7.5% of you wizened lot stick around post-retirement to bring property joy to your customers. Seen as pillars in your community and assets to your business, 53% of you are the more nurturing of our species, women.


Retirement comes earlier for Northerners

When it comes to regional attitudes to the 65-year cut-off, we couldn’t determine if those north of Birmingham had just ‘done their time’ or held no truck with ‘newfangled technology’.  Our stats show that we have a fairly even split of customers across the country, so maybe the northern regions prefer to leave data entry to younger colleagues. Or maybe, they have more steadfast views on enjoying retirement than their southern counterparts. It would seem so, as the over 50s group is well represented upwards from Birmingham to Glasgow before dramatically dropping off at 65.


222635-home-repair-logo-clip-artInterest in property a life long passion

You may remember last month we looked into the leading interests of estate agents and uncovered a rather intellectual list of hobbies: the news, travel, films and TV, technology, sport, home décor, and politics.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the nature of their job, our estate agents aged 65 and over showed the highest level of interest in home décor and the news. Which leads us back nicely to our original question; is estate agency a vocation? It appears that property is a lifelong passion that never fades even after retirement.  After all, where better to read a paper than in a newly appointed living room? The work never stops!


If you’d like to know more fun random facts, drop us a line or post a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

For software to fit around these habits why not visit our latest cloud based software 

Dezrez Website of the Month for July 2015

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SOTM JulyJuly’s site of the month is Michael Hardy. Created by The Property Jungle, The site is quick, snappy and has a clean and professional feel. When first entering the site we are greeted with a large carousel of high quality scenes with a purposeful property search situated above. Throughout the site the branding and colour scheme are used effectively all without feeling overpowered by the rich colour that is laced across the site.
As is almost a requirement now, the site is fully responsive and doesn’t sacrifice any functionality to work on smaller screen mobile devices. This is a great plus as this is almost the primary way customers search for properties when on the market to find their dream home and also helps the websites position on search engines such as Google due to the recent change involving ‘mobile-friendly’ websites will be ranked higher that ‘non-mobile-friendly’.
The search is fast and easy to use while also keeping a ‘quick search’ tucked away to the side or above the main content of each page if a small adjustment or location change is wanting to be applied to the current search. Reading the property details pages is a breeze and provides information not just about the property but close by services such as schools, train stations, healthcare etc… all services that can make or break a decision when searching for property. really does make searching for property an easy task.

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DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents July 2015

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DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents July 2015

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 90% or more of the entire DezrezOne system during July 2015.

We can monitor your usage of DezrezOne from our specially designed software, making it possible for us to tailor training specifically for your estate agency.

We can also offer you advice on how to improve efficiency in your estate agency, so contact us today if you’d like to find out more!

Estate Agent Spotlight August 2015

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AllenEstatesLogo (2014_12_11 08_26_09 UTC)


Russell 1 (2)

What is your name?

Russell Davis.

How long have you worked in estate agency?

17 years.

What is the name of your agency?

Allen Estates.

How long have you worked for your current employer?

Nine years in total.

What is your job title?

Senior Branch Manager.

What does a typical day in the life of you look like?..

I could be doing anything! From sales and rental valuations, working on our social media, running the morning meeting, canvassing, to dealing with a broken down vehicle within the company fleet. I have many hats that I switch between.

What do you love about your job?

I love how diverse the job is. You could be doing anything from visiting a young couple who are looking to start a family and upscale and need a flat evaluation, to selling a big family home. I love helping people sell their property and developing the working relationship over four or five months to the point of completion. It’s very rewarding. Every day is different and I always get to meet new people and learn something new.

What do you dislike about your job?

The hours can be long and it is quite punishing when you work 60-65 hour weeks. The other part would be when a vendor or purchaser pulls out of the sale at the last minute. Having to tell someone they’ve lost the property they’ve wanted for a long time can be hard.

Best thing about the area you work in?

Witham has fantastic transport links. We have direct train links to London’s Liverpool street station. We also have excellent road links with direct access to the A12 North & South bound  as well as easy access to Stanstead Airport. We have very good schools and recently, our primary and secondary schools have scored excellent standards.

What would you love to be doing in a different life?

I would be a skiing instructor in the Winter, probably in Canada. Then in the summer I would be a scuba diving instructor in Thailand or the Caribbean.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

First thing in the morning and last thing at night I tend to my chickens, which live on my property. At the moment they are producing 35/40 eggs a day! I love to go mountain biking and I’m also a bit of a weather geek. I have my own weather station at home and have my own website and Facebook weather page where I document the weather for the local area and community.  I also like to go out for dinner with my wife and do a lot of gardening!

Favorite food?


Favorite  holiday destination?

Reykjavik in Iceland was amazing but if I had to pick it would be Thailand.

Your dream car?

Aston Martin DB9.

What is your favorite part of Dezrez?

The matching facility via mail-out.

and finally…why?

Because you can easily make an instant market impact via email while not having to use any paper and save money in the process.

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SaaS Products are not all the Same

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SaaS Products are not all the Sameweb

Standalone software starts with the door closed to potential opportunities, whilst a platform starts with it open…

Salesforce is rightly considered the darling of the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. They may not have been the first, but they are probably the most well-known example. I want to highlight them to as they are the perfect example of why it’s important to get under the skin of a company that sells themselves as SaaS. The reason I have chosen them is that Salesforce no longer consider themselves as selling software as a service, but instead pride themselves on providing a platform! Read more here


download (1)What does this mean to you and why is it important?

Whilst the Salesforce platform has allowed them to build a successful software product, it is the fact that this software product accounts for less than 50% of the transactions that occur through their platform that is important. The majority of the work carried out on the platform comes from other “connected” non-salesforce CRM applications that their customers use. Their customers can link together applications, allowing them to use the right tool for the job, seamlessly share information and ultimately gain advantages over competitors who use disparate, ad-hoc tools.


How does this work in practice?

Imagine being able to use the diary on your iPhone, or the contacts list in your gmail account without wondering whether the information is up to date in your Estate Agent Software package.
The difference between using a platform, like the ones provided by Salesforce and the Rezi system, rather than a single software product is that the platform is open, allowing interaction to any other open system. A software product is inherently closed and needs a dedicated doorway to be created for each individual system you want to interact with.

ReziWhilst I can’t predict the future, I know that the platform Rezi is built on is open, so that it will be able to interact and integrate with any future open system that may appear. In fact, right now the technically minded amongst you can see how this would be achieved via our API documentation. Ask to see the equivalent for the standalone software and they won’t be able to show you! They will need to wait, examine the future requirements and if commercially viable, spend time hand-coding a dedicated integration.  Standalone software starts with the door closed to potential opportunities, whilst a platform starts with it open. Choose a platform that allows you to integrate with who you choose, not who the software allows you to!

When we chose to invest the extra effort and time to create an underlying platform for Rezi, we did so after looking at how the most successful internet companies approach building software. It’s not just Salesforce… Twitter and Google build their products on a platform too. Make sure you invest in a platform, not just a piece of software!

Find out more about Rezi today at or call us on 0845 465 22 22


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Rezi on the Road – with Chris James.

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Rezi Property Screen - devicesMobile software is an important part of business these days, especially in a world of appointments where you’re battling against time and competitors.


Rezi is already capable of being used on tablets, laptops and mobiles of your choice, but that isn’t enough… Our Senior Account Manager, Chris James has been out on the road visiting our customers to truly demonstrate how mobile it really is.


Chris is from Camberley, Surrey (where he was an agent for six years) and has worked with Dezrez for three and a half years. He started as a trainer for DezrezOne, the product you are most likely using now, and ended up moving to Swansea for a year and a half to be involved with the Rezi project.


Chris has a genuine passion for making intuitive, well designed software so as you can imagine he was in his element working on Rezi; which is just that!


Rezi is now being used by many of our customers with great delight. The feedback has been overwhelming too… Time saved, ease of use, clarity of information, speed, and more.


So Chris has decided to move back home and share the experience with agents up and down the country. He has visited agents in London, Oxford, Guildford, Manchester, Reading, Camberley (obviously), Maidenhead and Hampshire in just one month!


Ccjhris plans to visit all of our customers over the coming months, and has been struggling to find time to get in contact with all of them between meetings! If you feel like giving him a helping hand, get in contact at to see when he is able to visit you and find out what all the fuss is about!


Adoption has been gathering pace faster than we could imagine and we’re already booked up for migrations until November.  However, Chris can visit at a time to suit you so you have the opportunity to see it in the flesh and judge for yourself. Then, it’s a short process to get the latest estate agency software from Dezrez.


In case you see him out and about, here he is… #CarSelfie

If you would like a visit from Chris and to view Rezi on the road let us know by visiting  or emailing 


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In The Spotlight July 2015

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PFK Logo






DBritton Pic




What is your name?

David Britton.

How long have you worked in estate agency?

14 years.

What is the name of your agency?

Penrith Farmers and Kidds (PFK).

How long have you worked for your current employer?

Three years.

What is your job title?


What does a typical day in the life of you look like?..

We have six offices covering sales, rentals and commercial properties; and they all require a lot of orchestration. I will generally ensure the cogs are turning smoothly in the business, our advertising and marketing strategies are working well, and our number one position in the market is maintained in all the areas we operate in.

What do you love about your job?

I love the customer service element; and I also love the buzz of being able to sell a property that others cannot. That happens quite a lot in our company.

What do you dislike about your job?

I don’t like the unrealistic fees that I see from other agents. They do a really good job – but all agents should know their worth. This doesn’t necessarily affect me directly but it doesn’t help the image of our industry.

Best thing about the area you work in?

I can some it up in four words: scenery, people, architecture and tourism.

What would you love to be doing in a different life?

This! I also love food and am a qualified chef; I trained for three years but wanted to make more money and then fell into estate agency. I also love property development so I think in a perfect world I would be an estate agent, come property developer, come chef!

How do you spend your time outside of work?

Out of work I enjoy family time with my fiancé and two little girls. I enjoy mountain walking, canoeing, eating out … and the odd pint of ale!

Favorite food?

To cook; Chinese!  To eat; meat and local produce, so English contemporary food with a modern twist!

Favorite  holiday destination?

Amersfoort, Holland. I used to go to a lot of music festivals and over the years I have made a lot of Dutch friends. So it’s great to go over to see them and eat some Argentinian grill and basically, enjoy a big party.

Your dream car?

Lamborghini Gallardo.

What is your favorite part of Dezrez?

The reporting functionality.

and finally…why?

At the previous company I worked for who had Dezrez, we never used the functionality. Now I’ve used it extensively, I think it is unreal! It really helps me when I’m in board meetings with people who are not in the industry. They get to appreciate and understand the business I work in.



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