Press Release: Rezi, Steady, GO!

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Market-leading estate agency software provider Dezrez launches new cloud-based product aimed at UK and international market; Rezi uses the latest technology to deliver an exceptional user experience and an innovative marketplace function for buying/selling industry services.

All Dezrez Logos - FINAL_ReziEstate agency software and services expert Dezrez has launched a new cloud-based flagship product designed to modernise the user experience and act as a catalyst for the company’s expansion into international markets.

Rezi has been developed to meet the need for a fully integrated marketing and property management solution that is fast, flexible, future-proof and user-friendly. Rezi speeds up workflows by bringing property, people and events together in real time into one easy-to-use system, with an attractive customisable user interface use.

Available in three versions: Rezi Pro, Rezi Premium and Rezi Enterprise – the core product features remains the same but the level of integration built into the implementation depends on the size and complexity of the end user.

Justin Morris, CEO of Dezrez, said:

“Estate agency sales, lettings and property management are becoming ever more competitive and Rezi has been designed to integrate data in a way that makes it easier for them to manage their portfolio more effectively – giving them an enormous competitive advantage.

“Rezi does everything you’d expect it to and a lot more. We’ve incorporated and enhanced all the best features and functionality from our existing software and used robust testing and modern design elements to create a highly flexible and future-proof platform that gives users everything they need to look good and work smarter and faster.

“Rezi seamlessly integrates with your business and automatically uploads to property portals and social media. And it also has flexibility and customisable workflows & fields and a highly advanced & intuitive property matching functionality called ‘fuzzy matching’, which matches people and properties in a more responsive way.

“Of course, as Rezi is new and purpose-built, it offers the latest technology and is fast, powerful, portable and customisable.  It has an open API meaning Rezi can not only integrate with your other software (even bespoke!), but you could essentially redesign Rezi specifically for your business.

“And underpinning all the cutting-edge features and functions is the best thing about Rezi – which is that it comes from Dezrez, where we offer software as a service: we want to make sure our customers have the best possible experience – not only do they get continual upgrades and improvements, crucially they benefit from our industry knowledge, experience and dedicated account management & branding teams.”

rezi design processDesigned to meet industry best practice, Rezi is easily configurable to meet specific needs and the multi-platform design means it is easy to use remotely on phone/tablet. Rezi is internet-based and is compatible with any browser & operating system.

An open structure with high adaptability & flexibility allows Rezi to offer an innovative marketplace function which operates in a similar way to Apple’s app store, enabling access and integration with approved industry suppliers at the best prices – from digital printers and floor plan specialists, to sign makers, conveyancers and finance specialists and more.

For the smaller estate agency this function offers accessibility to approved suppliers at great rates, for larger organisations it represents an e-commerce opportunity to sell in-house expertise to a targeted audience.

As well as being a strong and flexible foundation, Rezi has been through a robust user testing process. Freya Davies, product manager for Rezi, said:019d4a100ef8df2341622dd175d346edacbffe1c8b_00001

“Extensive UAT (user acceptance testing) and UET (user experience testing) with 65 agents including directors, branch managers, negotiators and part-time weekend staff has resulted in a super simple and uncluttered product that can be optimised for exactly what each user needs, with stored preferences and levels/scopes of access.

“Many design elements have been inspired by intuitive design of modern operating systems on devices like the iPhone & Samsung Galaxy, to create a sense of familiarity that makes people feel confident and enthusiastic about using the product and encourages them to use it to its full potential.”

For more information, visit

Everything is really live with Rightmove

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It’s here!  The new realtime feed directly from Dezrez to Rightmove. 


Estate Agents no longer have to wait 24 hours for feed updates to process or have a five o’clock deadline to make all your property changes – not if you’re on the Rightmove live feed!

Dezrez agents: be prepared to move onto the realtime service, meaning as soon as you click save in DezrezOne, your properties will be uploaded in realtime.  Changes to existing properties will also happen in realtime, so there’s no need to worry about that spelling mistake you made rushing to complete the entry so you could speak to a client!

From the time you click save and say ‘Job Done’ your property will be instantly uploaded or changed on the Rightmove site – less time than it takes to make a cuppa!

If you want this free upgrade, get in touch by calling 0845 465 2222 or email

Employee Spotlight: Meet Rhodri Pugh

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Image 1What is your name?  Rhodri Pugh

What is your job title?
Rezi Account Manager

How many years have you been at Dezrez?
5 years

Tell me a short background about yourself:
Originally from a little village called Pontardawe in the Valleys. Played rugby and football most of my life for various different teams and Schools. Really enjoyed my time in sports and I have to admit I do miss it on cold Saturdays. Left to go University in Pontypridd then Cardiff to do Creative Technology and Production. Joined Dezrez in Sept 2009 as a support member under Matt Davies’s wing. Progressed up the ladder to Trainer and then Account Manager where I get best of both worlds.

What has been your funniest moment in Dezrez?
I conducted a sold out delegate day in Birmingham in front of 16 people with my shirt sticking out of my fly. No one pointed this fact out to me until lunch time!

What is your favourite Film?
A night at the opera

What is your favourite book?
The man with the golden gun – Ian Flemming

If you were a super hero who would you want to be?
Spiderman – Due to his ability to climb walls. I think it would be an amazing party trick!

What music is on your car/iPod/Spotify at the moment?
Rolling Stones, Def Leppard and Black Sabbath

What is your favourite food?

What is your most embarrassing moment?
Going to a house party and picking up what I thought was my phone and incorrectly typing in the code 3 times and locking the phone down. I then realised in my drunken state that it wasn’t my phone and placed the phone back quietly without anyone knowing. The phone belonged to a girlfriend of one of my mates who was expecting an urgent call. Needless to say she never received that call that night!

What is your greatest achievement?
Completing a full check point course on a mock SAS route in the Brecon Beacons with full gear.

012c1caf29d47f46e48f1dd1591361cd1872188895What Dezrez product/service would you recommend and why?
Rezi of course! It’s a very exciting time at dezrez HQ at the moment as we are ready to release our new cloud based software. It’s a very fast multiplatform software that has full functionality on ipad’s and Macs.

What do you want to tell people about?
We are currently in the second UAT (user acceptance testing) testing phase of Rezi with some agents. This means that we are going through the software with a fine toothcomb with them, checking if all the process work in a fast and in an effective manner. The software is progressing very quickly, with our development team working flat out working on new and exciting features that I’m sure you’ll enjoy using. We already have September and October fully booked with candidates and are now looking for agents in November and December to fill our slots. If you are interested please let me know on

Dezrez does the Ice Bucket Challenge

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Some of the Dezrez staff were nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, so we created a nice little montage for you to enjoy.

To read about how all the donations from the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over £6m and positively affected the Motor Neurone Disease Association in the UK, please visit their website.

Dezrez Top 10 Estate Agents For August

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Dezrez Top 10 Estate Agents For August

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 90% or more of the entire DezrezOne system during August 2014. We can monitor your usage of DezrezOne from our specially designed software, making it possible for us to tailor training specifically for your estate agency. We can also offer you advice on how to improve efficiency in your estate agency, so contact us today if you’d like to find out more!

Dezrez Website of the Month for September is

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Brand VaughnDezrez website of the month for September is

Along with their web developers Pixeldot and Rethink Marketing, Brand Vaughan have created an attractive website that immediately captures the eye with a clean, simple look.

It is a responsive website which, due to its use of crisp colours, doesn’t lose any of its style when viewed on other devices.

It successfully instigates the use of a simple grid design system to create a logical layout and highlight the important aspects of the page. The grid system attracts the user’s eye to the various ‘calls to action’ with creating a cluttered feel.

The quick search system on the home page uses sliders which is fast becoming the norm for its ease of use. It also allows the user to view the results as a list or map which is a useful feature for customers who are keen to know what public amenities are nearby. The search results page is in tune with the clean feel of the website as is the main description page. The important characteristics of the property are prominently positioned on the main description page and it has a sub menu to avoid cluttering.

In addition, the website’s “Buying” section has a very useful page guide on the various areas in Brighton covered by the company. It’s another example of the company’s experience in this local market and it’s clear to see why they won an award for their services in 2013. In all it is clear this agency has a clear picture of their customer’s needs and has incorporated these into the design of their website.

If you’re interested in sprucing up your website, feel free to contact the Branding Team on 0845 465 2222 or  see our latest website designs here!


New Websites! Bring your site and your agency into 2014!

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Dezrez Branding Team

We are happy to announce the release of 3 new Site in a box products!

Our branding team have been hard at work to bring you 3 new eye catching designs.

Each of the designs boasts responsive functionality, which allows mobile and tablet users to maximize their browsing experience as the design adapts to these devices.

With clever uses of subtle animation and quick loading the user experience on each of the sites is certainly a smooth one.

The latest web / coding standards are met by all 3 of the designs, meaning not only will your site function and perform well, but it will also be reliable

All 3 new designs have an attractive home page and interactive sliders for property searching, these websites are an all-in-one solution for estate agents of all sizes.

Just click on the designs below to find out more or contact us on 0845 465 2222.

Site in a Box DZ5

Site in a Box – DZ5

Site in a Box DZ6

Site in a Box DZ6

Site in a Box DZ7

Site in a Box DZ7




Press Release: DezrezLegal Trailblaze Apprenticeships

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DezrezLegal Trailblaze Apprenticeships

dLegalLogomovingeasy872x473Swansea-based DezrezLegal are thrilled that the Government has today announced their support for two new apprenticeships in conveyancing. 

Playing an active role in the Licensed Conveyancers Apprenticeship Consortium for the past 8 months, DezrezLegal actively encourages and supports the development of quality in-house Conveyancers.

Skills Minister Nick Boles also commented on the launch of the scheme:

“I’m delighted that the Licensed Conveyancers Apprenticeship Consortium has developed two new apprenticeship standards for a Licensed Conveyancer and for a Conveyancing Technician.

“Since 2010 there have been 1.8 million apprenticeship starts and the Licensed Conveyancers Apprenticeship Consortium are leading by example in the development and delivery of high quality apprenticeships that give people the chance of successful careers and help businesses get the skills they need to grow..”

As part of the commitment to innovation within the conveyancing sector, DezrezLegal have been actively involved with the Trailblazers scheme to develop new routes into the profession and ensure high quality training that is relevant to the sector today and for the future.

Laura Liddell, Managing Director of DezrezLegal said:

“We consider this announcement to be a big step forward in the provision of high standard training in our sector in order to meet the demands of what is a challenging and growing market.

“We were so excited to be part of such a forward thinking initiative as the Trailblazers scheme and are very much looking forwarded to seeing the impact of the new apprenticeships, encouraging a wider variety of quality individuals into our sector both at Technician and Conveyancer level, ensuring the future of our profession is bright.”

The development of the Conveyancing Trailblazer Apprenticeships have been supported directly by Dezrezlegal’s Licensing body, The Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).

Chief Executive of the CLC, Sheila Kumar said:

“We are delighted that the excellent work of the consortium has been recognised by Government and that the two new apprenticeships in conveyancing will go ahead. With the recovery of the housing market it is important that there is a reliable pipeline of talent entering the profession with rigorous qualifications based on great education and training to the highest standards. The creation of the new qualification of Conveyancing Technician is a response to demand from employers and those developing legal careers.

“These apprenticeships are an innovative route into rewarding legal careers without the burdens of student debt, and they are not just for school-leavers – those looking to formalize their current legal careers or looking for a career change can all benefits from an apprenticeship approach.  There is even government funding available for employers with apprentices on this scheme.

“Throughout its history, the CLC has been at the forefront of creating different ways of providing opportunities for meaningful careers in this important sector, and we are very excited about the development of these apprenticeships and the new role of Conveyancing Technician.

“Following the success of the conveyancing apprenticeship development so far we are working with another group of employers as well as the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners to explore the possibility of developing an apprenticeship in probate as part of the next wave of the scheme.”


To find out more about the Government initiative, please visit The Council for Licensed Conveyancers website

About DezrezLegal

DezrezLegal was established in 2009 to provide fast, efficient, quality conveyancing services to the customers of Dezrez.  Located in the same offices as Dezrez they are committed to innovation within their field and have grown at an impressive rate since their inception. Focussing on building great relationships with estate agents and clients DezrezLegal make the process of moving home as straight forward as possible.

Press Enquiries

For further information about DezrezLegal, please email

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Ian Says… Make Your Facebook Page an Accessible Property Hub!

August 15th, 2014 1 comment
IanHi!  I’m Ian Hawkins, Telesales Consultant for Dezrez Marketplace.  It’s my pleasure to introduce to you our Facebook Property App and give you an overview of how it would benefit your business.

The Dezrez property search app for Facebook is an essential tool that every estate agent should have in their marketing arsenal. It is a must have for any agent that wants to have a presence in the social spaces and would like users to be able to view their properties and arrange contact.  Any estate agent with a “Page” on Facebook can take full advantage of this great marketing app.

With a quick install from our experienced Branding & Advertising Team, your page will be turned into a quick and accessible property hub.

Level 4 Facebook162x134px

Visitors are then able to search for properties in the same way they can on your website or on Rightmove without actually leaving the comfort of their Facebook environment.

With comprehensive search options, detailed property pages and the ability to like and share properties with their friends on Facebook; and given that a majority of the UK population are now on Facebook, it means that this application is a vital addition to an estate agents marketing sector.

Visit our Marketplace today for more information.

About Team Rezi

August 13th, 2014 1 comment

The team behind our new cloud-based estate agency software have been working hard for the last 12 months creating Rezi.  Often forgotten in the deepest, darkest dwellings of the development department, the team have built Rezi from the ground up.  From big wild ideas to the tiny touches that makes Rezi easy to use; from designers’ sketches on a napkin during an “eureka!” moment to the developers writing the HTML5 web application code that brings it all to life – all the while testing with real estate agents & continuing to improve the software.

We thought you’d like to know a bit more about the Rezi Team and what’s been happening during the development of Rezi.  Enjoy!

Rezi Fun Stats-amended 576x2177px

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