Unable To Host The New EPC?

Unable to host the new EPC? Dezrez have an alternative solution

You are able to add the EPC Front Page to any of your templates by uploading it as an image

Step 1:
Brochure templates will need to be amended. Tell us where you want the EPC front page to be displayed on your template(s).

Please give our branding team a call on 0845 465 2222 (option 2) or email templates@dezrez.com to discuss where and on which templates you wish to display it.

Step 2:
Ensure you have the EPC front page saved as an image (ideally as a .jpeg)

Step 3:
Upload the image into the “picture page” of your property and click Save

Step 4:
Check the brochure is correct. Depending on the size of the image you have decided on it should now be part of the property details as per this example:

We will shortly be releasing development that will enable you to host an EPC within dezrez document storage.

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