DezrezPM is on the horizon! A property management software solution

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What to look out for in DezrezPM:

• Fantastic invoicing and billing module

• Great property management solutions, for example auto rent demands.

• Brilliant accounting module with great adds ons. For example ‘quick receipt rents’ to save time.

• Custom Dashboards created for job specific roles.

• Full reporting- easily identify problem properties and areas that need attention.

With the launch of dezrezPM coming ever closer. We’d like to give you a quick run down of the different aspects and features of the property management software. Essentially there are four areas the software which will make your life much easier (Social Bar, Multiple Tabs, Personal Profiles and Menu section), we feel that these are some of the key USPs to the software for estate agents.


1. Get Social- Comments- Property management can sometimes be more than just a one man job for estate agents. Our software has integrated a social ‘comments’ function making estate agent’s positions more socially efficient. It allows you to record comments against multiple functions such as maintenance tickets, landlords, tenants, and tenancies just to name a few. These comments can either be broadcast to everyone within the branch or sent to individual colleagues allowing you more flexibility in terms of who receives which messages. Useful for many different purposes, whether it’s just to let everyone know that an important landlord is coming into the office or just to let a colleague know that something has happened with their property.


2. Personal Profiles- Sound a lot like a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin? It should, this great new functionality allows you to update your status. Helpful for many reasons, For example if you work remotely, if you’re off for the day or out on a viewing other colleagues will be aware of this. It is also used to store the individuals personal information if it is ever required or needed.



3. Menu Section– This tab will be the holy grail of your organisation and management. A quick tool to easily locate and manage different aspects of your property management tasks. For example, being able to quickly view tenancies and pre-tenancies, view letter templates, manage contractors  identify maintenance tickets, and view reports which are position specific.





4. Multiple Tabs– Save time and manage multiple entries by switching efficiently and seamlessly from say landlords to maintenance tickets to rent payments and tenancies. Managing one property from multiple aspects to ensure that all bases are covered. Fundamentally this will allow you to ensure that all details can be easily associated to one aspect so that a complete history is built up. Enabling you to make better informed decisions on several aspects of your business.


Become an early adopter today and start taking advantage of our great property management software. 


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