Do you have any qualifications? “Yes, I’m a dezrez certified level 5 user!”

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It strikes me that one otraining 3f the fundamental ingredients in the modern era of estate agency is a competent knowledge of one’s software program.   At dezrez we have produced some analysis over the years which demonstrates categorically and emphatically that firms that use, in this instance, our software to the maximum, prove to be some of the most successful agents in their market places.   There is a direct correlation between s/w usage and profitability.  It also increases efficiency and encourages best business practices.

This got me thinking, why is there no standards set for us, the software providers to set obtainable standards of practice with our products?  From my prospective it has many advantages and very few disadvantages.  For example:

  • Enables owners/managers to ascertain skill levels of their staff
  • Will encourage better use of products.  There is always so much users aren’t aware of what their products can do!
  • Will allow staff to strive to improve and gain further knowledge /skills
  • For employers, it will enable them when interviewing candidates for roles to understand in simple terms of how well they can use systems and perhaps in doing so, allow them to gauge the motivation of that person
  • For employees, they have another sting to their bow and will help with their career development.

I suspect there are many more benefits but I would really be interested in hearing from practicing agents, do you feel this is a good idea.  Would you send your staff on a dezrez 1 day training course to get a level 1 certificate, a 3 days training course to get a level 2 or even a 5 day course spread over a couple of months with some sort of exam to give them some sort of advance status?

This is not something dezrez has actively offered yet(!?!) but I just thought I would gauge some interest.

Let me know: email me

  1. William Hills
    February 13th, 2013 at 16:31 | #1

    I will find it difficult to sell this on the basis of purely software expertise. The software is a tool to achieve business results. Each agency will work differently and exploit different parts of the software according to their style and the market they are in. If the training was aimed more at achieving Customer Service Level 1-5 underpinned by an understanding of how the software supports this perhaps with an NVQ/ BTech/ NAEA award achieved at the end might have a greater appeal.

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