Social Media for Estate Agents (part 2)



The long awaited Second part to the Social Media for Estate Agents Article



The dos

  1. Do test 
  2. Do be consistent
  3. Do cross promote


1. Test test test.

What works? Testing is vital to identify what is successful and what’s not. Whether it’s testing at what times post get the most engagement, the types of posts or the frequency of posts. Each organisation or agency is different in its own ways. So be sure to test the market. Another type of test could include split A/B tests which is where you use one test group, change a particular aspect within that group and then you evaluate whether this has had a beneficial or detrimental effect on the group. You can conclude safely conclude which is the more successful of the two options.

For example– You could consistently tweet at a certain time for one week and then change it another week. If there is a slight difference then you will know which tweets are seen by a wider audience. Using bitly (LINK) links are a great way to test which content is being received best and clicked through.

2. Be Consistent. Consistency is king.

Don’t be a one post wonder. People like consistency within their lives, the famous saying ‘people don’t like change’ rings true here. It is important to consistently use social media so that people can often relate to it.

For example, if you see someone on twitter tweeting something that you like (awesome property reviews), you’ll follow them, but won’t you be disappointed if they just suddenly stop? Another example would be if someone posts on a Monday and labels it getting over the ‘Monday Blues’ with hilarious photos then that might be something to look forwards to. Check out our Facebook page here and I’ll be posting something every Monday and Friday.

3. Cross promote

The magic number of 3, in social media and marketing, there’s a rule where when you are trying to communicate a message to the public, it is always best to use three different channels. This means that you have a much higher chance of reaching all of your target audiences.

For example if you’re trying to promote a beautiful property, try using Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Following my first point, test different avenues and combinations to see which works best.


The Don’ts

  1. Don’t forget to plan
  2. Don’t connect with everyone
  3. Don’t forget to check your privacy settings. 


1. Failure to plan is planning to fail

With any strategy, whether it’s your sales, marketing or operations, you’ll always need a strong plan in place to have the best chances of success. Building on my previous points, you can use these to begin creating a plan. Try to also incorporate topics, regular posts or a theme within your strategy. Using important dates in the calendar can also help with a general structure whilst also looking at potential promotions.

For example, Valentines day this year you may want to promote a small discount for couples

2. Connect with everyone, it could result in spam!

Whilst some may disagree and think that it’s good to connect with everyone I personally think you have to be picky in which who you connect with, or at least know and understand who your audience is.

For example, if your agency operates in a geographic area, there isn’t much reason to connect with people in Australia, however there is no harm really done connecting with people and businesses within your local area. ‘Keeping business local’ is one way in which agents try to differentiate themselves and bring in extra business. Developing good relations with other organisations can have a dramatic impact, word of mouth is invaluable.

 3. Forget your privacy settings; you may want a little privacy

This is especially important to consider when using social media for organisations, as a manager or individual responsible for the social media of the organisation, you will need to determine who should have access to the social media accounts and whether you need to implement a social media policy within the workplace. This will help clarify and cover the grey areas to social media so everyone knows exactly where they stand when it comes to company personal interactions.


Don’t forget to check in next week to receive even more tips regarding Social Media for Estate Agents! 

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