Workflow, what is it good for?

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dezrez workflowAs a general rule of thumb at Dezrez we have noticed that agents are very good at generating new business but not so good at regaining the business they’ve lost.

The support team can always tell its quiet because we get dozens of agents calling up saying “I’ve got all these old properties I want to chase up”.

In dezrez there are several custom reports that can show you your lost valuations and instructions for a year but this involves a huge amount of chasing in a very short period of time and dealing with people who may not have heard from you for 6 months or more.

So is there a better way I hear you cry (and if you’re not, why not?)

Work flow has specifically been designed to help agents keep on top of their customer contacts, it can be triggered automatically from a status change on a property or added to a contact card manually.

For example, a vendor has decided to use one of your competitors to sell their property, a workflow can be created to trigger automatically on the property being marked as not proceeding with fortnightly reminders to either email or call that person.

If you never lose valuations (first off we want to know your secret) how about those applicants that clutter up your data base? why not set up a work flow to manage them, maybe they are investment buyers looking for a buy to let, or why not set them up a workflow to help promote your USPs.

For more examples of getting the best out of workflow why not contact our support team on 0845 465 2222.

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