dezrez celebrate St David’s day!

Tennis experts, charity do-gooders and cake scoffers- all within a days work! 


Dezrez decided to celebrate St David’s day (the welsh favourite day of the year, apart from Christmas, obviously) by holding an Xbox Kinect tennis tournament in the office. This was a great opportunity for our staff to raise money for a chosen charity, to get a little bit of exercise and to have a little inter office competition.

The tournament was organised into a knockout elimination format, names were drawn out of a hat and games were decided on the best of 5. It was originally the best of 3 but our CEO Justin absolutely destroyed a fellow colleague within a matter of minutes and we thought it was best to extend the games so everyone had a fair go. The Kinect tennis was a little tricky to pick up and get used to (very realistic compared to other consoles!) so our staff were given a warm up and a little bit of a chance to practice.

After the first round some alterations were made to shake up the tournament, (because of numbers and involvement) we decided to throw in two wildcards, giving two individuals a second chance, a redemption from defeat and the chance to be crowned the dezrez champion once more. Unfortunately they both lost again, it was evidently meant to be…

The tournament went on throughout the day, trying not to disturb too many of our staff members and the support team whom had to ensure we looked after our clients whilst we revelled in this enjoyable event. The final took place at 5:15PM right before the end of the working day which certainly brought in a big crowd of spectators. The final was between our marketing guy Sabastian and the CEO Justin, some would say that this was a little bit of a fix, but it certainly wasn’t the case. Rather talent, determination and hard work brought these two individuals through to the finals.

Here are a few pictures to show you the event throughout the day! 

We had a lot of interest from our staff members with which charity we’d raise money for. The charity that received the most votes was…


Other charities that received interest included:

RSPCA LogoMultipleSclerosisSociety-logolocalaidnewlogo



Now for the most interesting part! Below you’ll see the tournament table and the different individuals that advanced through to the further stages for that chance of eternal (until next time) glory.


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