Dezrez Website of the Month for March

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March’s website of the month is Chris John & Partners, with their new site created by Core.

When visiting the site you are greeted with professional fade in transitions of the logo and property search area while viewing a beautiful background image. The layout is spacious and flat so as not to distract or confuse potential property seekers from discovering their desired home. Apart from the main page the rest of the site adopts a white background. This allows the property and agent information displayed on the page(s) to be the obvious attraction and helps keep the consistent ease of usability throughout the website.

When the site is viewed on a smaller/mchrisjohnobile device it retains most of its original plus points, its usability, speed and design. It maintains all of this by adjusting the layout by reordering and resizing key areas on the site to be more touch screen friendly and manageable. Even the navigational buttons have been minimised into a touch friendly button in the top right of the display. This simple change alone makes for a much better experience when viewing the website from a small screen device.

Congratulations to both Chris John and Core for creating a functional and elegant website with accents of style that prioritises displaying information over flashiness.

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Reflecting on the Budget

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Budget-briefcase--007My Thoughts on the Budget: 2015.


So, the last budget before the general election has come and gone. As predicted, George Osbourne didn’t say too much that would rock the boat. In general, many of the key changes appear to benefit a spectrum of the British population in some small way or another.

I must admit, I’m not a particularly politically inclined kind of guy. I like to think I keep abreast of the ‘key issues’ that will directly affect me but alas I am ignorant (blissfully) to many of the comings and goings of parliament, even more so when it comes to local politics.


That being said, as with what appears to be the majority of the UK, I do take a keen interest when it comes to the politics of property. As i’m sure you know only too well, everyone is an ‘expert’ on property in some way or another – and why not, it may be how we earn out livelihood, it can also be pretty bloody interesting!


Last year saw stamp duty rules change, for the better, for swathes of people in most of the country. Indeed, in the hours after the chancellor made his announcement, our onveyancing company dezrezLegal were working with agents, purchasers and vendors through the night to ensure deals were done in order to catch the new stamp duty threshold. Exciting times.


Well, you can’t halt the march of time, the public expect. Stamp duty bonuses have long been forgotten and shiny new incentives for the property industry are required! Spring forward to this month’s budget and the glamorous offering of help for first time buyers in the form of the “Help to Buy” ISA. A simple cash incentive for first-time homebuyers – will be introduced in the autumn.


Hang on, the Autumn? After the general election…… ahhh I see what he did there! Bribery for the young masses!? No of course not, it’s an incentive. Get voting, you’ve got to be in it to win it as they say. Anyway I digress; the idea behind the ISA incentive being anyone who saves into one will have their cash topped up by 25 per cent when they buy a house, up to a maximum handout of £3,000. They can save up to £200 a month and get a £50 bonus each time, up to the limit. But to reach that, they’d need to save £12,000. Even with first-time buyers being allowed to start their Isa with £1,000 this autumn, it will still take them four years and seven months to be able to save £12,000 and qualify for the maximum handout.


David Orr, chief executive at the National Housing Federation, said: “The Help to Buy Isa will help people scrape together deposits, but it fails to address the root cause of unaffordability – the chronic undersupply of homes, which has driven up prices. It also does very little for those languishing on social housing waiting lists, in temporary accommodation and the homeless – who are victims of an undersupply of affordable housing.”


My thoughts are that clearly this won’t help everyone, it won’t solve basic supply problems but people with patience will most certainly be rewarded. This does feel like something really tangible that first time buyers and probably, more importantly, those contemplating buying their own place in the next few years will feel they can benefit from. If your kid’s 16 plus, why not get saving.


As an agent I’m sure many of you will think very differently on these ‘incentives’, some positive and invariably some negative. I hope you’ll agree that if they keep our national past time ticking over, it’s all good.


Let me know your thoughts,



Star Tech Blog

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A Better Approach for Matching

In real life, things aren’t just black and white.  Just because there is an upper budget limit doesn’t mean that a hopeful appilicant won’t pay a little bit more for the home of their dreams over something that falls short. Similarly, even the most demanding of us may be prepared to concede on one front when looking for a house with a meticulous set of criteria.

Rezi uses a concept know as ‘fuzzy matching’, which seeks to find the most relevant matches of your stock, rather than dealing with potential matches in an ‘in or out’ fashion. This system affords great flexibility and a valuable tool for the management of expectations when working with a more difficult set of requirements.

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The Sky’s the Limit

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All You Need to Know About Drones

These days, a lot more estate agents are making use of aerial photographs and videos to market a property. It’s a nice idea and, of course it’s a lot of fun capturing those images. Who doesn’t want to play around with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?

In fact, a few of our agents have already made the jump and purchased their own remote controlled UAV.


Often referred to as Drones, UAVs can make a listing stand out from other properties on portal websites. But before you rush off to buy one for commercial purposes, there are few considerations. For example, did you know that you would be required to be CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved and the UAV pilot must be fully trained and licenced? Still interested? Here are a few more pointers:

Battery Life: Most UAVs have a battery life of between 10-12 minutes, which fine for a quick flight but may leave you wanting for more. Make sure the UAV you select has a removable battery and stock up if needed.

Camera: Some Drones will come with in-built cameras that record onto an SD card and others will require you to have your own, so make sure you get one that meets your needs. Whilst being convenient, an in-built camera does not offer the same quality as an UAV fitted with a Go Pro or Digital SLR.

Steadying your shot will be difficult with mid-priced Drones, which generally do not come equipped with a gimbal.

Controlling your Drone: Controls for UAVs vary. Most consumer level UAVs will offer an App which will allow you to view real time flight footage and transmit the images from the camera to a linked Android or iPhone App. It’s worth noting that a live feed will drain your battery whilst it is being used in flight.

Here are the some of our favourite small UAVs

Parrot Bebop Drone –

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ –

GHOST Basic –

Not convinced?  Amazon is testing Drones as a delivery service.


An Elegant Interface Wrapped Around a Powerful Core

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Actions Speak Louder than Words

In 2014 we promised to energise the Estate Agent market with the next generation of elegant, agile, and intuitive software. So we put our money where our mouth is and reinvested £2.7 million into staff growth and the accelerated development of Rezi.


Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 17.28.12

We knew we wanted Rezi to be more than a *new* product. It had to fluently deliver a harmonious and elegant user experience, without the maintenance and integration costs of older technology.

Additionally, it needed to honour our continued commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.  So we have built-in intuitive support features to allow you to rapidly maximise the power of Rezi.



Tried, Tested, Ready

Over the last six months, we have diligently worked with early adopter customers to ensure Rezi is robust and delivers the functionality ambitious property professionals need. Working in two-weekly ‘sprints’, our specialist technical innovation team has releasing a raft of new features that our early adopter customers test for usability; and the results of each ‘sprint’ will now be publicised on an on-going basis.

Those Estate Agents who would like to join our Early Adopter Scheme will not only help to shape a product to their exacting needs but will receive a discount, so if you are interested email or contact your dedicated account manager on 0845 465 2222.


Intelligent Design, a Powerful Core

ReziShortly, Rezi will be available for multi-branch customers that want to save time and reduce the cost of running their business. With automated workflows to administrate time-consuming and tedious tasks, and an elegant interface that removes unnecessary detail to highlight decision-making insights, Rezi focuses users’ time on winning customer confidence and instructions.


Its increasing functionality, combined with bespoke workflows and access to powerful third party Apps provides a cost effective way to customise performance around growing business needs. And, as Rezi is designed to easily integrate into existing systems, it unlocks the collective power of every company branch whilst delivering on individual requirements.


Soon after, our development ‘sprints’ will deliver a full suite of features to help customers market a letting. These include but are not limited to, streamlining and automating the offer process so that confirmation documents are sent to the landlord and the tenant, and a host of intelligent management features, such as the ability to setup, assign and oversee working lists.


Then, later this year, the Rezi API will be ready for Enterprise businesses. Designed to give full control to our customers; it will seamlessly link into existing systems, subsystems and workflows so they can optimise performance and unleash the power that sits within their organisation.


Elegant, Agile, Intuitive

Rezi has a fully accessible API at its core, meaning it doesn’t have the maintenance and integration issues of aging technology.  It seamlessly links into existing systems and workflows to unlock the power of an organisation, and has the capability to effortlessly streamline functionality and features to your specific needs.

Because it offers a gateway to industry partner apps, the software can be customised around growing business needs with minimal disruption.  It wraps a beautiful interface around a powerful core to precisely deliver the insight required to make instant decisions, giving you the edge in any client scenario.  And, it is accessible from any device, which means its stunning visuals illustrating every detail of an instruction can be shared with your client to elevate your value at any time.


Intuitive1Rezi Pro

Effortlessly integrating workflows with access to third party Apps, Rezi wraps a beautiful interface around a powerful core to give you control and instant insight into any client scenario


Rezi Premium

Combining more functionality with bespoke workflows and access to powerful third party Apps, Rezi is a cost effective way to customise performance around your growing business needs


Rezi Enterprise

The Rezi API gives you the control to seamlessly link into existing systems, subsystems and workflows so you can optimise performance and unleash the power that sits within your organisation


Dezrez Training & Support

Our outstanding customer support will continue with onsite training, a proactive personal account manager and lots of intuitive online Support features for you to rapidly maximise the power of Rezi



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Sign in Once – Stay Secure!

Guest Blogger: Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture


Rezi is built with Single Sign On in mind.  We have used two standards, which complement each other in terms of simplicity and power:  OAuth2 and WS-Federation/WS-Trust.

Using these two technologies, we can deliver a single sign on experience with ease.  This will enable us to integrate with an organisations Microsoft Active Directory system, as well as a host of other identity providers.  If you really, really want, you can even sign in with Facebook.

The result is a more open system, which is more accessible because of the technologies that Rezi employs.

Written by Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

A Full featured API – So write something!

January 14th, 2015 1 comment

Write Apps for Rezi & Your Business!

Guest Blogger: Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture


Everything you do in Rezi is available programmatically via an open and easy to use API (Called the “Core API”).  This means that integration partners can fully leverage the features of the Rezi system, to the same level that users can.

Partner applications (e.g. BYM, Tenant Referencing, Conveyancing) will have full read/write access to data in Rezi (subject to commercial and security privileges etc.). Integration possibilities range from private on-premise systems to public web-based services.

Because we want all software developers to be able to make the most of Rezi we provide full API documentation.

For those of you whose brains are already whirring, yes… it does mean you could write your own Apps to take advantage of this facility. In fact we are building a dedicated Marketplace specifically for you! If you want to know more please feel free to pester Chris Bennett.

Written by Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house


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Rezi works the way You want it to

Guest Blogger: Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture


It is fair to say that not everyone works the same way.

Over the last 10 years you have consistently been asking for customisable fields. Rezi is customisable to the nth degree. Different companies want to capture different information at different times and places. Rezi allows exactly this; you can add customisable fields (or even groups of fields) to any of the entities within the system. All these custom fields are made available within the API. This also helps if English is not your first language as all field labels can be changed.

We have to admit that many of you are “less than enthusiastic” about using DR1’s wizards. Using someone else’s “wizard” for data entry can feel a bit restrictive. Maybe DR1 also had too many of these non-editable wizards. Rezi is totally different. We have chosen to use the same workflow engine that is used in the very latest Microsoft SharePoint products. Using the workflow engine within Rezi, you will be able to implement your own workflows and processes, and allow a level of automation in your business that was not possible before.

As a practical example, a simple workflow could automatically post data into your Accounts package when a property completes.

Written by Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Dezrez Xmas Dinner

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We know the staff at Dezrez love their food, but what are their festive favourites…?

Xmas Dinner Choices

DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents For November

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DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents For November

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 90% or more of the entire DezrezOne system during November 2014.

We can monitor your usage of DezrezOne from our specially designed software, making it possible for us to tailor training specifically for your estate agency.

We can also offer you advice on how to improve efficiency in your estate agency, so contact us today if you’d like to find out more!