Employee Spotlight: Meet Matthew Dendle

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Dendle2Name: Matthew Dendle

Job Title: Head of Architecture

Been with Dezrez for… 8 Years

A short background about yourself: Having joined Dezrez over 8 years ago, I have heard pretty much every perspective about the Dezrez software – its numerous strengths, and weaknesses. When I became the Architect for Rezi, I was determined to make sure that I put this experience to good use, and have since strived to help deliver the best product we can, using the very latest technologies. I am extremely pleased with the infrastructure we have in place, and cannot wait to see how it is received. It’s been a pleasure to work with the dedicated and talented team that we have here, and the product’s quality reflects this well.

Funniest moment in Dezrez: The night out after I was given a ‘Secret Santa’ present that was a fancy dress costume.

Favourite Film: Usual Suspects

If you were a superhero, who would you want to be? Batman, in the more recent ones where he cannot fight that much because he’s basically past it.

What music is in your car/on your iPod/Spotify at the moment? Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Faith No More

Favourite food: Pizza

Most embarrassing moment: Collapsing during a short run, having hyperventilated

Achievements: Being part of the Rezi team in delivering Rezi!

What Dezrez product/service would you recommend and why? Rezi – it’s going to be a big change to the industry!

What do you want to tell people about? To any software developer types reading this – You can write software for Rezi! We have an API that third parties can develop against, and a marketplace on which to launch it. If you have an idea for an App that you think estate agents could use, get in touch with us and start developing it!


Dezrez Top 10 Estate Agents For June

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Dezrez Top 10 Estate Agents For June

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 90% or more of the entire dezrez system during June 2014. We can monitor your usage of dezrez from our specially designed software, making it possible for us to tailor training specifically for your estate agency. We can also offer you advice on how to improve efficiency in your estate agency.

Introducing Amy Stevens of DezrezLegal

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amy stevensName: Amy Stevens

Job Title: Conveyancing Team Leader

About Me

I’ve been with Dezrez since September 2010, before which I was in Cardiff university until June 2010 and then ‘pretended’ to work for my dad until the August when I had my interview here! ;-)

What I love about my job mostly is the people I work with on a daily basis. Gina Roberts, Christina Cackett, and I are involved in a fairly aggressive tea round. Working with friends makes coming to work an enjoyable experience.

DezrezLegal supported me financially to do my training to become a member of the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). I completed my practical training and modules last month with a distinction which I am very proud of. Last month I was promoted to lead my own team having joined the company on a work experience placement 4 years ago. I also got engaged in June 2013 so the last 18 months have really been exciting for me.

At the moment I am concentrating on making sure that I am ticking all the boxes as the leader of my team. I think it’s important for them to know that they can rely on me and have confidence in my decision making. Moving forward I’d like us to be a team that have consistently high completion numbers and excellent relationships with our clients and providers.

Long term I’d really like to stay within the firm and take on more managerial responsibilities.

Anything else you’d like to share…? I have completed a half marathon and am about to run my second with other members of the team for the company charity Land Aid in the first Swansea Half Marathon. I am the company Social Committee Chair Person. I count my dog Rusty as my furry baby.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the DezrezLegal Conveyancing Service, please contact the team on 08454 653333 or email mail@dezrezlegal.co.uk or speak to your Dezrez Account Manager



Dezrez Website Of The Month | June | Cumbrian Properties

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dezrez Website of the month for June is Cumbrian Propertiescumbrian

Over the last few months we’ve been featuring sites that make excellent use of responsive design. This month is no different as we feature one of the most mobile friendly websites we have come across.

The Cumbrian Properties website really sets the bar for crisp clean responsive design. Making fantastic use of a combination of multi tone solid colours and easing gradients. Better yet, when viewing the site on a mobile device such as iPad or Android phone, the site maintains full functionality whilst compressing the design to fit the device preventing the need for the user to zoom out.

When selecting a search option using the well-presented navigation menu; the search form gradually appears using a slick animation making the user experience that extra bit smoother. It’s these same clever uses of subtle animation throughout the site that make the whole experience of the Cumbrian Properties website a memorable one.

At first glance on the search results, they are well laid out, easy to view and the site also makes good use of the compare properties feature, an excellent feature for prospective buyers with a few properties on their wish list.

The property details are well laid out, very thorough and cover all aspects of the property including a detailed location map and the ability to download a PDF brochure.

Overall, the Cumbrian Properties website ticks all of our boxes for Design, Functionality; Ease of Use and most importantly, front-end user experience.

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Meet Francesco Salerno | Dezrez Software Trainer

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Meet Francesco Salerno, software trainer at Dezrez




Fran has worked in the property industry for 11 years and is experienced in both residential sales and lettings covering Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire working his way from trainee negotiator to Branch manager.

Fran used dezrez software during his agency life and jumped at the opportunity to come and work for Dezrez.

Fran enjoys his role as software trainer covering London, the South and East of England.  A large part of the role is visiting agency clients to ensure they get the most from Dezrez.

Fran is very excited at the release of Rezi and the prospect of training existing clients & new customers.

** Get the most out of your dezrez software **

For more information on dezrez training visit http://www.dezrez.com/Training/Default.aspx


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Dezrez Top 10 Estate Agents For May

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Dezrez Top 10 Estate Agents For May

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 90% or more of the entire dezrez system during May 2014. We can monitor your usage of dezrez from our specially designed software, making it possible for us to tailor training specifically for your estate agency. We can also offer you advice on how to improve efficiency in your estate agency.

Dezrez Website of the Month | May | Addisons Surveyors

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sitedezrez Website of the month for May is Addisons Surveyors

The latest web trend is producing responsive and clean looking websites that make it easy for the user to navigate on any size device without restricting access.

The Addisons Surveyors website boasts modern design with clean layouts and colour choices. The navigation is easy and pleasing whilst also still being functional and speedy. The home page has large high quality images displaying information about their services as well as offering options for a quick search Sales and Lettings Properties. Having all of those features be the first thing the visitor would see instantly creates a feeling of appeal and thoughts that the agency is informative and productive.

When proceeding into one of the search options page of results, the site continues to maintain the sleek Addisons colour scheme mixed with a modern and minimal layout. When the very same page is viewed on a mobile device, the page adapts the content to fit the device whilst still keeping the content easy to access and easy to navigate. When navigating into the full details of a property, you are instantly shown a high quality landscape image of the front of the property, a Google map displaying the properties location and various links to download the properties floor plan and PDF Brochure. The colour scheme has been applied to carefully selected aspects of the site to highlight important areas and distinguish different parts of information for easy reading.

Addisons are promoting their Social Media accounts via quick link buttons on every single page.  Quick link buttons allow visitors to the website to connect to a social network quickly with minimum fuss.

Addisons Surveyors

Dezrez Top 10 Estate Agents For April

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Dezrez Top 10 Estate Agents For April

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 90% or more of the entire dezrez system during March 2014. We can monitor your usage of dezrez from our specially designed software, making it possible for us to tailor training specifically for your estate agency. We can also offer you advice on how to improve efficiency in your estate agency.

Dezrez System Updates | 01.04.14

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Important dezrez system updates.  PDF generator, saving to a network drive, PDF file names, diary and custom diary entries.

New Property Edit Page

We have redesigned the Property Edit Page with a fresh new look and feel, including a new picture uploader. Read our Property Edit Quick Start Guide to see the new look and features or for a more in depth look view our Property edit page guide.

New Status Page

Our redesigned Status Page makes it easy to move your properties through the take-on and marketing process. Click here for our Status Page Quick Start Guide to the new-look Status Page. 

PDF generator

We have updated the PDF generator so that the default filename is now made up of the “<Template Name> – <Property ID>” instead of “<Full Property Address> – <Template Name>” or if you’d prefer you can still assign your own name to the PDF.

Saving to a network drive

This functionality now works correctly

PDF file names

PDF file names limit has been increased to 100 characters Diary We can enable back dating of appointments within the diary. Please contact your account manager to find out more.


We can enable back dating of appointments within the diary. Please contact your account manager to find out more.

Custom Diary Entries

You can now add custom diary entries in the system. This could be separating your leaflet drops or car diary into a different colour.


Is It Time To Change Stamp Duty Thresholds?

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I’m Laura Burkinshaw, the Legal Director of Dezrezlegal.  Over the last few years I have written various blog posts, some personal about my wedding and others topical to the market.

Dezrezlegal started in April 2009, since then we have gone from strength to strength.  Some of you will know and love us, some of you have yet to get to know us and we welcome speaking to you in the future.

At dezrezlegal we monitor the local and national press for news and topics of interest. 

Stamp duty thresholds is something that Laura Liddell (MD) and I have discussed many times before and I’m sure that it’s something that you discuss with your sellers and new buyers. 

Is It Time To Change Stamp Duty Thresholds?

It is becoming more and more obvious that the ability to sell a property under the £250,000 HMRC bracket is far easier than that over this bracket.  Is it time that Revenue and Customs thinks about amending this bracket to take into consideration the increase in house prices in even the most basic of areas?

Figures released by the London Central Portfolio (LCP) have shown that 930% more transactions go through below the 3% threshold than above it, in fact an incredible 930% more transactions go through between the price of £240,000 to £250,000 than £250,000 – £260,000.

Some 9,721 homeowners a year are unable to sell because of the threshold and an additional 13,866 are forced to sell at a discounted price to put their property under the 3% threshold.

The research has shown that currently 73% of the homeowners still sit in the precarious price band between the 1% and 3% barriers, leaving only 27% either under 1% or over 3%.

Pressure is growing for Chancellor George Osborne to look at this threshold and increase it/abolish it.  The 3% threshold has not increased since 2000 where in 3 years from 1997 it changed from 0% to 2% then to 2.5% then 3% – surely it’s time to start going back the other way.

PCL also stated that growth in England and Wales was at 1.3% in the second quarter bringing the average home to £242,415 – could this be being held back by the threshold?

As a company based in Wales we have noted that the Welsh Assembly administration are being given more financial powers from Central Government and are looking to devolve so they are able to vary Stamp Duty (we await a referendum to see if this is approved by the Welsh Government) but it could mean that there will be an abolishment of this stamp duty threshold all together.  If Wales does make this bold move it might embarrass central government to also do so.

Although yes I agree it will of course be a cost to the exchequer, but surely if even half of the 9,721 homeowners who are unable to sell manage to sell their properties then that would more than make up the difference to the coffers.

The Government have already issued various schemes mainly through the help to buy assisting first and subsequent buyers move through the chains but there is still that stilt at the £250,000 barrier because people simply cannot afford to pay 3% stamp duty.

I think that this is something that is going to be forefront in many people’s minds at the moment.  What are your thoughts on the subject?