5 reasons to embrace cloud-based software like Rezi

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5 reasons to embrace cloud based software like Rezi

Guest Blogger: Freya Davies, Rezi Product Manager


“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.”

Elbert Hubbard

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  1. Small business, big dreams. Cloud based software like Rezi allows smaller businesses to streamline their operations allowing them to focus on staying competitive and additionally gives them the opportunity to offer enterprise size services.
  2. Reduced upfront costs. Cloud based solutions remove the need for upfront costs associated with either starting up a new business from scratch or investing in new software. Rezi omits the costs of expensive hardware, servers and there is no need for software installation. All you need is an internet connection.
  3. Business resilience. Rezi takes away the need for timely backups on site and users are able to retrieve the latest version of their data instantly from anywhere. In a cloud environment, if you lose your laptop – or worse, your whole office in the event of something catastrophic like flood or fire – you can get back to business in no time. All your business information and files are securely in place.
  4.  Holding Rezi iPad AirWork smart, anytime, anyplace. Cloud based solutions offer easy access and information sharing from any internet connection anywhere. Staff, whatever their location, can access and work in collaboration in real time improving productivity and creativity. Many businesses today have employees working remotely, and need both mobility and flexibility. Cloud based solutions are straightforward and an affordable way of addressing those needs. Your team are more productive knowing they can easily access information from Rezi whilst away from the office, finishing tasks whilst on the move and receive updates in real time.
  5. Cloud computing is easy.The transfer of business information into “the cloud” is very straightforward. No need to install new hardware or software and no IT administration. All upgrades are done for the user, in the case of Rezi, upgrades are free. It is often seamless to the user. Making the decision to use cloud based solutions shouldn’t be daunting. (It doesn’t mean you have to make big changes to gain. A mix and match of in-house and cloud-computing software works just great!).


Written by Freya Davies, Rezi Product Owner

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Tenancy Fees to be displayed on Rental Adverts

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Dezrez Suport Header


Important Updates to Rental Adverts on Portals

Recently some proposed changes discussed by the CMA and ASA have now concluded that all rental adverts need to clearly reference specific details of tenancy fees imposed by letting agents.

Don’t worry, you still have time to get all your tenancy fees advertised on all your rentals by the 1st December 2014. Just remember to keep applying the fees after this date too.

Top 3 Q&As

Have Dezrez made any changes?

Yes, we have updated all our portal feeds to include the fees information.

Where do I put this information?

There is a text box called charges in the edit page to hold this information.

What if I currently use a description box?

As long as the fee information is in the same description box for all the rental properties, we can customise the feed to include the tenancy fees from your desired description box.


If you need some further information, please review the CMA Guidance page.

Rezi is Ready

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We’ve packed two decades of innovation and expertise into our new flexible, powerful, superfast product Rezi.

We’ve made sure it is totally customisable and has the most up-to-date features and functionality. Rezi has been designed specifically for the property industry, to help you do what you need to do better and faster.

We are controlling the release of Rezi and there are a limited number of slots available – there’s already a waiting list for slots in 2015, so make sure you enquire today!

DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents For October

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DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents For October

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 90% or more of the entire DezrezOne system during October 2014. We can monitor your usage of DezrezOne from our specially designed software, making it possible for us to tailor training specifically for your estate agency. We can also offer you advice on how to improve efficiency in your estate agency, so contact us today if you’d like to find out more!

Top 10 Dos & Don’ts of Marketing Properties

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Emma linkedin-cover-template-Marketing

Now I’m not going to teach Grandma to suck eggs, nor Granddad to do the Jive, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in doing what we do, that we occasionally forget the basics. So, make yourself a brew, grab a couple of biscuits and see what you could do to improve your business.


  1. Target your Audience Appropriately
    Don’t go sending a mass email to 1000 contacts about a nice flat available in a retirement complex when only 100 of your contacts are over the age of 50. Irrelevant content is one of the main reasons people unsubscribe from mailing lists.
  2. Use Multiple Platforms
    Print/radio/TV/online advertising, leaflet drops, direct mail, email campaigns, social media (especially Facebook & Twitter), dynamic window displays, interactive displays etc. – the more people who see/hear your brand and message, the more chance of making a sale!
  3. Have a Clear Call to Action (CTA)
    Make it easy to understand and don’t have too many – if you want them to contact you, provide your contact details, if you want to get them to enter an online competition, only publicise the competition page URL.
  4. Include your phone number in your CTA
    If you want customers to contact you, encourage them to call! Selling to someone is easier over the phone than it is through email as you can pitch appropriately based on discussions.
  5. Avoid Deception
    This one is pretty obvious, but it is important to clearly state what the offer is.
  6. Build Joint Ventures & Partnerships with other Businesses
    Companies that provide useful related services to your clients (local businesses, schools, press, local council, local MP etc.) will enrich your offering to customers and help you reach more people with joint promotion and (hopefully!) online social media discussion.
  7. Thank Your Customers for Their Business
    A simple “Good Luck in Your New Home” card, a box of chocolates or a simple email thanking them for their business – it is all word of mouth marketing gold.
  8. Take Attractive Photos of Your Properties
    No one wants to live in a pit (other than Shrek!), but even the less attractive properties can be appealing if they are shown in their best light! No need to be David Bailey – just make sure your thumb is out of the way and that dog walker has cleaned up after their pooch!
  9. Open Houses
    More of an “American” thing, but people like a freebie and won’t feel under so much pressure if others are looking around at the same time. It also gives people something to look forward to and offer them an incentive (as well as increasing the chances of an offer there and then for fear of losing out!).
  10. Offer Virtual Tours on your Website & In-Store
    The most valuable thing in 21st Century Britain is Time. We don’t have enough of it! We are also spending more and more of our time online, so why not offer prospective customers the chance to save time by having a virtual tour of a property online! If they like what they see, they will be sure to book a proper viewing and you know that they are a serious lead as they’ve already seen it!


  1. Don’t Take Photos of Dark Cluttered Rooms
    Pretty obvious, but it will make the room look smaller (not “cosy”!) and less appealing.
  2. Don’t Just Include a Basic Property Description
    Would you enquire about a new car without knowing more than the fact it has 5 doors, 4 wheels and is a manual? Or would you prefer to know it’s MPG, Fuel-Type, Engine Size, colour, make, model and if it has Bluetooth etc.? Be sure to include the property’s key Unique Selling Points (USPs) to attract the right customers so you know the leads that come in are worth more than time spent describing the property only to be turned down (or worse still – they don’t call!).
  3. Don’t Reject New Property Marketing Ideas
    We’re all a little apprehensive about change, but just because it’s new, it doesn’t mean it’s rubbish. Explore every opportunity available to you possible, carry out some market research and test it in a small capacity to see if it’s something that might work.
  4. Don’t Make Unsubstantiated Claims.
    Using creative adjectives are good, but let’s not make a 1 bedroom flat seem like a mansion if it’s not.
  5. Don’t Ignore Prospects Questions or Engagement
    No one likes to be ignored. Respond to people as quickly as you can – have a “Thanks for your enquiry” template in your email to use when you’re really busy, promising that you’ll get back to them ASAP so they at least know you’ve received their enquiry.
  6. Don’t Enter a Room in Front of the Viewer
    Simple physics: If there are more people, there’s less space! Let them enter the room first and experience the room without obstruction.
  7. Don’t upload just one photo
    Just like eBay and Dating sites, people don’t trust anything with just one photo…
  8. Don’t just use traditional marketing methods
    Be creative and try to reach out to new markets, social media is a great way to engage with and build relationships with potential customers and partner businesses – it’s also a great way to get your corporate personality known and let people get to know you!
  9. Don’t include animals or pets in photos
    My Mother would disagree as she thinks houses will sell better if there’s a cat in the photo, but many people don’t like animals (or at least the notion of the carpets smelling of dog!), so best steer clear if possible.
  10. Don’t restrict access to information
    The more information the better, floor plans, room sizes and photos will mean that it you do get a viewing, chances are they’re very ‘Hot’ prospects. Although if your primary goal is to increase your marketing database, you may want to add a “sign-up” box to access some of the more detailed information – but be warned… this can deter prospects and they may end up going on another Agents’ site!

I hope you found this post useful and entertaining. What would be you’re Top Do’s & Don’ts for marketing your properties?

Now That’s A Long Term Tenant

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3 Properties You Wouldn’t Want To Visit This Halloween

Haloween Dezrez-01

There’s no getting away from it these days. As soon as the kids are “back to school” the seasonal aisle of the supermarket undergoes an overnight transformation by some devilish trickery, and nestled uncomfortably against the jolly chocolate Santa’s and cheerful tree decorations you will find all manner of witches, zombies and skeletons.

But while for most of us Halloween is just one day a year, spare a thought for the residents of these haunted British houses, for whom daily life is surely more trick than treat…


The Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire

Ancient Ram Inn

According to hauntedrooms.co.uk, this is one of the most haunted private properties in the UK. Its sole (living) occupant is John Humphries who bought the building in 1968 for £2,600. Mr Humphries is outnumbered by ghosts including a witched burned at the stake, previous owners, a monk, and a centurion on horseback.


Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Chillingham Castle

This impressive castle dating back to the 12th century has seen its fair share of military assaults and executions, and if the stone walls of its dungeons could talk, they would surely share some gruesome tales. No wonder then that the aptly named Chillingham Castle plays host to any number of tortured souls with unfinished business.


50 Berkeley Square, London

50 Berkeley Square


Reputedly the most haunted house in London, this unlikely looking property is the subject of numerous creepy tales and was featured in the 1913 book Haunted Houses by Charles Harper.

Visit haunted-london.com for details of this and other haunted London locations or see SkyScanner’s Blog on the Top 9 creepiest ghost towns in the world… including a place called Island of the Dolls – Yikes!!



Employee Spotlight: Meet Phil Smith

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Dom supports Dezrez TrainingName: Phil Smith

Job Title: Head of Training

How long have you been with Dezrez? Nearly 2 years

A short background about yourself
I was fortunate to spend time working for an agent who used Dezrez before deciding to make the move and work for Dezrez, I have a passion for property and thoroughly enjoyed the role however opening the office on a Saturday morning eventually wore me down and I decided to apply for the role of an IT Trainer with Dezrez.

I am an avid golfer and represented Wales at an International level from the age of 14 up to the age of 21, including captaining the Welsh Schools Team. My role with Dezrez has allowed me to play more golf on the weekends and hopefully make my way back into a Wales shirt.

I am a keen traveller and was lucky enough during a break from golf to spend 6 months travelling Asia, Australia, America and Mexico. Didn’t do much sightseeing but went to some great bars and beaches!

Funniest moment in Dezrez Booking a flight to Guernsey when the customer I was due to train was actually in Jersey

Favourite Film? Scarface, The Godfather 1 & 2, Anchorman, A Night at the Roxbury

If you were a superhero, who would you want to be? Superman (is that so you don’t have to book flights…? – Ed.)

What music is in your car/on your iPod/Spotify at the moment? BeeGees for when I’m stuck in traffic

Favourite food Anything Edible

Most embarrassing moment Not a lot embarrasses me so I’d have to say this would match the funniest moment, booking a flight to Guernsey when the customer I was due to train was actually in Jersey

Achievements  I have International Caps for Welsh Golf & I’m Captain of Welsh Schools Golf Team

What Dezrez product/service would you recommend and why?  Map Search – makes the experience more interactive for your applicants, it also saves our customers a fortune in printing endless amounts of full colour brochures

Why do you think training is important?  Would you try and fly a plane without being trained how to do it?  Why use Dezrez if you don’t use it to its full potential?  Have I just answered a question with a question? (Yes. Yes you have. – Ed.)

DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents For September

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DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents For September

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 90% or more of the entire DezrezOne system during September 2014. We can monitor your usage of DezrezOne from our specially designed software, making it possible for us to tailor training specifically for your estate agency. We can also offer you advice on how to improve efficiency in your estate agency, so contact us today if you’d like to find out more!

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Dezrez Exhibiting & Sponsoring at The Negotiator Conference & Awards 2014

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We are excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Negotiator Conference and to also be sponsoring London, South East & South West Agency of the Year Awards.

Awards Logos-02        Awards Logos-03

012c1caf29d47f46e48f1dd1591361cd1872188895Our new Sales Director, Kristina Grimes, will be in attendance, together with Operations Director, Ross Liddell and our Rezi Account Manager, Rhodri Pugh (who will be giving short one-to-one demos of Rezi on our stand).

Be sure to drop by Stand 24 and say hi to the team!

Dezrez Website of the Month for October is AstonMead.com

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Aston MeadDezrez website of the month for October is AstonMead.com

Created and designed by Servon design. Aston meads website is fresh modern and intuitive. With a clean responsive design the website looks great on all platforms. The balanced use of the company colours makes the website inviting and attractive to use. The layout is well balanced and easy to navigate making using the site a painless experience.

A simple search bar at the top of the page with a dropdown for advanced search parameters allows the user to quickly find what they are looking for. The featured properties are displayed prominently on the front page with smooth transitions for both sales and lettings. The search pages and property pages offer loads of detail in a very nice format whether you’re on a desktop or on your phone. Within the site is also a section for the user to keep track of your favourite sales and rental properties all displayed in an easy to read fashion.

The site also contains a lot of information about how this company does business which is great to know if you’re looking to buy or rent through them. There is also an online magazine which adds a nice touch to the website.

Overall the site is well designed, functional and full of useful information that’s needed when it comes to buying and selling property.

If you’re interested in sprucing up your website, feel free to contact the Branding Team on 0845 465 2222 or see our latest website designs here!