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Rezi works the way You want it to

Guest Blogger: Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture


It is fair to say that not everyone works the same way.

Over the last 10 years you have consistently been asking for customisable fields. Rezi is customisable to the nth degree. Different companies want to capture different information at different times and places. Rezi allows exactly this; you can add customisable fields (or even groups of fields) to any of the entities within the system. All these custom fields are made available within the API. This also helps if English is not your first language as all field labels can be changed.

We have to admit that many of you are “less than enthusiastic” about using DR1’s wizards. Using someone else’s “wizard” for data entry can feel a bit restrictive. Maybe DR1 also had too many of these non-editable wizards. Rezi is totally different. We have chosen to use the same workflow engine that is used in the very latest Microsoft SharePoint products. Using the workflow engine within Rezi, you will be able to implement your own workflows and processes, and allow a level of automation in your business that was not possible before.

As a practical example, a simple workflow could automatically post data into your Accounts package when a property completes.

Written by Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Dezrez Xmas Dinner

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We know the staff at Dezrez love their food, but what are their festive favourites…?

Xmas Dinner Choices

DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents For November

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DezrezOne Top 10 Estate Agents For November

All of these estate agents have achieved this status by consistently using 90% or more of the entire DezrezOne system during November 2014.

We can monitor your usage of DezrezOne from our specially designed software, making it possible for us to tailor training specifically for your estate agency.

We can also offer you advice on how to improve efficiency in your estate agency, so contact us today if you’d like to find out more!

Website of the Month – December

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The Walton & Hipkiss website is a great example of what can be achieved with responsive coding. With an impressive responsive design the website looks great on both computers and mobile devices.

screenThe visual design of the site is clean, modern and makes good use of the company colour scheme. A simple search bar at the top of the page allows the user to search properties in a particular area. As opposed to overloading the end user with too many advanced choices from the offset, they have chosen to keep it simple whilst allowing the visitor to refine their search afterwards.

The property listings are well laid out and the information kept simple whilst making great use of subtle flip Walton Hipkiss Mobileanimation to display the finer details when hovering over them with the cursor.

The featured properties are displayed prominently on the front page listing Sales, Lettings and Commercial properties. The website makes full use of the functionality available to them by providing a Vendor Login area which allows the end user to track the properties they have listed with the agent. The site has a thorough write up on the company and a detailed and welcoming meet the team page, which along with the comprehensive customer testimonials, is reassuring to any new buyers or sellers. There is also a great news page which keeps potential buyers and sellers up to date with various events in the property market. Overall, the site is well built, boasts great functionality and is easy on the eye. The site also makes fantastic use of social networking


Make It Scalable

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Rezi will help your business grow (and grow with it!)

Guest Blogger: Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture


Using Microsoft’s Azure platform as our backbone, we can double our delivery infrastructure in seconds using the latest scaling data centre services – one moment we might have 30 servers running Rezi in Amsterdam, the next 300 in Dublin. Enterprise customers will be able to have their own data store spun up, accessible directly by you. Fancy running your own SSRS server based on your agency’s data? – No problem!

Rezi has been designed to be both scalable as a platform and also for your organisation as it grows. We reckon you’ll like the fact that as a fully web based solution there is no client side install, but you’ll really love our ability to integrate with your other systems. I will go into more detail in a future blog post, but we have a full featured RESTful, self-documented API based on JSON. (Access will be subject to your commercial agreements.)

Written by Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Ian Says… Stay Connected with Mobile Site in a Box

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IanHi!  I’m Ian Hawkins, Telesales Consultant for Dezrez Marketplace.  It’s my pleasure to introduce to you our Mobile Site in a Box and show you how it can help you stay connected with your customers whilst they are out and about.

Our Mobile Site in a Box is something that none of our agents should be without, especially as “searching on mobile has increased by almost 50% in the past year.” (Rightmove Blog, September 12 2014).

Because the Mobile Site in a Box is fully integrated with your DezrezOne properties it allows your customers to keep up to date with your listings msiab-screenwhile they are on the go.

Whether the mobile device is old or new, has a small screen or a large one the Mobile Site in a Box is optimized for all of them, and it scales to fit to the screen size to ensure that it always looks it’s best.

With the built in contact forms once your customers have found a property they like they can contact you quickly and easily, and with the live updates there is no reason for your customers to ever miss out on a property.

The built in Facebook and Twitter links means that there is even more opportunities for your customers to connect with you. With more people now using mobile devices to search for properties there is now more need than ever to take advantage of our Mobile Site in a Box.

If you would like to find out more please feel free to e-mail me at or call me directly on 01792 610 219. Alternatively please visit our Marketplace page which contains some more information.

Top Tips for Moving at Christmas Time

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DezrezLegal Xmas Profile Pic-01A helping hand from DezrezLegal

Guest Blogger: Laura Burkinshaw, Legal Director

From my perspective I couldn’t think of anything more stressful than choosing to move right before Christmas, but not surprisingly thousands of people continue to do it every year.

Is it because their office and workplaces give them a long time off during the holidays or because they want to have a Christmas in a new home with their family for the first time? Either way, the excitement and reasons for doing so are many, but moving at Christmas time also comes with many hassles, precautions and the need to plan well ahead.

Here are just a few things in which you should think about when preparing to move:

  • Snow, rain or sun, we’re moving! The UK weather is always unpredictable but that isn’t to say you shouldn’t look at the forecasts in advance. The weather will no doubt affect your move, in one way or another.
    • Packaging and preparing your items, furniture and belongings may need to be waterproof or at least covered from the rain.
    • Animals may need to be put in kennels during the bad weather.
    • Plants will be affected by the move so be sure to read up on how to best move them.
    • Clearing the way- Can you get to your property even if there is snow?
    • Piping cold-  Water pipes often burst in extreme conditions, so take the necessary precautions needed to avoid extreme additional charges.
    • The March – Failure to plan is preparing to fail.
  • Round up the troops! Get all the family involved when moving to assist you in your efforts. Making the whole process far less stressful.
  • Home survey moves- You’d be surprised about the appliances that might need to be thought about, get your survey organised at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • A man and a van! His busiest time of the year no doubt. An in demand service that you might not be able to book. Your prized possessions are valuable so make sure you have trust and belief in your movers as they’ll be the ones moving your goods. That vase might not be worth so much in 100 little pieces…
  • No hot water, electricity or TV… -Wouldn’t the Christmas lights look awful without any power!?
    • If you don’t give your utilities provider enough time you may have no energy.
  • Doesn’t everyone watch the snowman at Christmas time on TV? Move your TV license in order to watch your favourite shows, legally that is.
  • Carpet is quite important! If the property is a new build you might need to lay the carpet. Booking in advance is essential; they might want to have a break over the festive season as well.
  • Christmas Cards! My mum is always proud of her collection of cards at Christmas, and so she should be. But if you’re moving house people won’t know where to post them.
  • Going hungry at Christmas- That turkey could be something of your dreams…
    • Get takeaway- The moving process is a stressful job, so don’t worry about having to cook as well. Indeed all of your cutlery and cooking utensils will be packed away so for once, even if you are health conscious, get a takeaway and put your feet up.
    • Order online- If you’re a good planner then one wonderful thing to do could be to get your shopping delivered. Fewer things to carry and less hassle overall. It also means that during the Christmas period you don’t have to venture out into the bad weather! Done in advance will also gurantee you get the goodies and that big fat turkey that you
    • Shopping well in advance-If you haven’t yet moved then this might be counterproductive as it will certainly add to your load when moving, frozen foods will be yet another thing to think about; food poisoning is something nobody wants at Christmas time.
    • Empty your freezer! Rather than doing the usual job of filling your freezer to the top, if you know you’re moving now is a good time to start clearing your freezer out as it’s something that will need to be moved along with your other items. Throwing out loads of food would certainly be a waste of money and good food. 

Laura Burkinshaw our Legal Director advises  “Moving at any time of the year can be stressful and our Company would like to make this as smooth as possible.  We believe that the above tips will help you along your way but if there is anything you need advice on or want to speak to us about, please call your Conveyancing team.  Please make sure that you drive safely between houses and that you keep available blankets and spare warm clothes just in case that wonderful British weather of ours does take a turn for the worse.”

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Make It Super Useable

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User Experience is Everything

Guest Blogger: Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture


Although UX isn’t truly a techie subject getting it right makes life as a system administrator so much easier. For those of you who are interested we found this model really helpful.

Elements of UX

The toolset we finally settled on starts with the good old pencil and paper and ends up with a prototyping tool called Azure. These clickable demos are then tested with a some of our current clients (I won’t name check all 40 of you, but you know who you are and thanks a million) as well as non-Dezrez agents.

Mace & Menter (great UX specialists from Bristol) ensured that we focused on satisfying user’s problems, not developer’s whims! If the image below looks a bit complicated that’s because it is. It shows the users and their responsibilities as a property makes its way through the sales process.

Rezi Swim Lane

Written by Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Santa Claus Lives in Swansea!*

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Mr X AppealFor the last 10 years, the staff at Dezrez participate in something called the Mr X appeal and this year more staff participated than ever before. 

Starting in 1959 following his participation in a scheme providing respite to children from a local orphanage, the mysterious Mr X launched a campaign to ask the people of Swansea to buy a gift for a child in care with the aim that every child has a present at Christmas Time.

Mr X will not publicly reveal his identity and at 92 years old, we have been told that his Son is now helping him coordinate the campaign, together with volunteers, schools, businesses and organisations all coming together to ensure this tradition continues.

There are no official websites we can point you to, but there are a couple of articles online about the Mr X Appeal if you’d like to find out more:

It has been said that Mr X is not interested in adulation and thank you’s, nor is he interested in OBEs or MBEs – he simply has the dream that no child will be left out at Christmas. And we think you’ll agree – that’s the true spirit of Christmas.

*We aren’t claiming Mr X is really Santa Claus as we believe he resides in the North Pole.

Priority 1 | Make It Fast | Rezi

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What Makes Rezi Superfast?

Guest Blogger: Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture


We have employed the very latest technologies and every tactic in the book to make the Rezi system as fast as it can be.

We have chosen a lightweight JavaScript framework to implement our SPA. Combined with media queries that are optimised so that a minimum of data is transferred over the internet, we achieve the fastest screen rendering times possible.

When you search in Rezi, it will be super quick. We have a dedicated farm of servers based on the most exciting product in this area –  ElasticSearch.  (Read about it here –

Not only is this back-end search system quick, it is also novel and clever. ElasticSearch is so fast we can provide “fuzzy” matching, returning a list of records graded by their percentage suitability with the applicant’s criteria within milliseconds!

It’s not just about the speed of the application, but we have also focused on the speed at which you can work. This includes the time it takes to get an answer from our support team. Take a look at the screenshot below…


It shows the system in support mode with every element clearly labelled and marked in green. This forms the bedrock for our new approach, easing communication between the user, you, our support team and the developers via a “common language”.  Simply click on the element you need help with, enter any notes you want and then send to us – no need to dial into your PC or try to explain elements over the telephone or in email.

Written by Matt Dendle, Head of Architecture

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house

Our Star Tech posts are written by our Technical Teams in-house