Dezrez Website Of The Month For February | Thomas H Wood

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Our site of the month for February goes to Thomas H Wood, based in Whitchurch, Cardiff.

dezrez are proud to announce the release of our WordPress based products and services. With our standalone plugin or bespoke integration solution we now have something for every WordPress user.

Why WordPress?

Whether a private individual or a business owner, people turn to WordPress for its ease of use. WordPress allows you to set up a website without any prior web development / programming knowledge. We believe this simplicity should be available for dezrez integration.

The Thomas H Wood website was developed using our plugin and a choice of customized theme. The advantage of using WordPress is that any theme available on the market can be customized to integrate dezrez. Uprise (Clients Marketing company) has done a fantastic job utilizing all of the features that our wordpress integration offers.


Front Page

The home page utilizes a combination of the theme’s native homepage layout with a slider for advertising images which currently shows some attractive eye catching graphics; but also takes advantage of the featured properties widget that has been included in the dezrez plugin suite, they have customized this widget to match the appearence of their theme.

Search Results

The search results page has been fully customized to suit the appearence of the theme with custom pagination styles which are attractive and well laid out. They have also made great use of the WordPress sidebar which they have put a twitter feed and testimonial widgets into.


Property Details

The property details page is minimalistic and includes a tabbing system for switching between various content, a custom javascript has been developed to display not only a google map on the page but also a street view of the area. The co-ordinate data for this feeds directly from dezrez and can be pulled through using our plugin.

The page also takes advantage of a gallery feature which our plugin is compatible with. Our plugin is also lightbox compatible and an attached script is bundled to allow this to function.

And lastly the site utilizes the login area feature in the form of attractvie stylish buttons enticing the end user to Arrange a Viewing, Valuation or Reigster for Property Alerts.


The Thomas H Wood website is a great example of what the Dezrez WordPress Plugin can really do!

dezrez Live Chat On Your Desktop

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Dezrez Chat 100 px

As we release our latest upgrade across our entire customer base, you may have noticed you have a new icon on your desktop.

This icon will allow you to contact the dezrez support team via Live Chat.

Live Chat allows you to speak directly to a Support Technician without the need to call or email. The Support Technician can connect to your PC with a simple click of a button allowing us to resolve your query even quicker.

Alan – Nice and quick and no options on the phone to wait for!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the benefits of Live Chat?

Live Chat technicians can handle multiple chats at the same time while phone technicians are always limited to one call at any given time. It is also quicker, no need to write up an email and await a reply, write your query directly to a Support Technician and get the answer in real time.

Auction Department – Online chat is the way forward for those who have a busy working day.

Andy – Great. The online chat is a great added extra. Makes things quick and easy to sort out. Cheers

Take a look at the video below to see it in action.

If you have any questions about the new Dezrez Tools please contact your account manager or our support team on 0845 465 22 22.

Dezrez System Updates | 12.04.14

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Important dezrez system updates.  PDF generator, saving to a network drive, PDF file names, diary and custom diary entries.



PDF generator

We have updated the PDF generator so that the default filename is now made up of the “<Template Name><Property ID>” instead of “<Full Property Address><Template Name>” or if you’d prefer you can still assign your own name to the PDF.

Saving to a network drive

This functionality now works correctly

PDF file names

PDf file names limit has been increased to 100 characters


We can enable back dating of appointments within the diary. Please contact your account manager to find out more.

Custom diary entries

You can now add custom diary entries in the system. This could be separating your leaflet drops or car diary into a different colour.

If you have any questions about the new Dezrez Tools please contact your account manager or our support team on 0845 465 22 22.

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Dezrez Tools 2 Upgrade – The Ultimate Search Companion

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Tools 2 Upgrade – The Ultimate Search Companion


Over the last 6 months we have been working hard on making massive improvements to our search companion Dezrez_Tools_quickstart.pdf. We have listened to your feedback and the number one issue you had with Dezrez Tools was not being able to backspace when searching in tools.

We made it our priority to get this fixed in the new version.


How do I get the Dezrez Tools 2 Update?

Dezrez Tools has moved from its old home to a new location in Internet Explorer. You will be able to find it under Tools > Dezrez Tools

What changes have you made?

  • You can use backspace while searching
  • Can be open without the need for Internet Explorer to be open
  • Can be moved around to a position of your choosing.
  • New clean interface
  • Support tools built into the new tools
  • Can be pinned to the left side, saving desktop space

I love the old dezrez tools – Can I still use it?

I have programmed my brain to always press SHIFT with the delete key and cannot function any other way. Will I be able to use the old Dezrez Tools?

Yes, you can use the older version of Dezrez Tools alongside the new one, if you prefer.


If you have any questions about the new Dezrez Tools please contact your account manager or our support team on 0845 465 22 22.

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Dezrez Property Management Pub Quiz

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Dezrez Property Management Pub Quiz

Grab yourself a drink and join in.  Fancy yourself as a Property Management professional?


Dezrez Property Management Pub Quiz


1. Which of these companies is not an approved authority for registering deposits?

View Results

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2. Section 8 of the housing act 1988 has several grounds for eviction – what does Ground 14 relate to?

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3. Who will gas engineers need to be registered with?

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4. What is the maximum length of time an assured shorthold tenancy can be agreed for?

View Results

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5. At what amount of rent will a tenant need to pay stamp duty?

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6. What is the rate of tax for a non-resident landlord under HMRC rules

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7. What regulations must the landlord of an unfurnished property with a gas supply comply with?

View Results

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8. The Tenancy is coming to the end of its original fixed term and the landlord wants the tenant to vacate, what is the best way to get the tenant out?

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9. The rent for a statutory periodic tenancy was increased 6 months ago; the landlord wants to increase the rent immediately by 10%, can they?

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10. You are setting up an agreement with the following tenancy details: 12 months tenancy with a 6 month Break Clause on an unfurnished leasehold property for £2310pw, what stops this tenancy being co

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 The correct answers will be revealed shortly !

Dezrez Poll On Lone Worker Staff Safety For Estate Agents

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Is Lone Worker Staff Safety On Your Radar?

Dezrez are always looking at ways of helping agents carry out their daily work activities.  Lone Worker staff Safety is a current hot topic


We have created a poll to understand your thoughts on the subject, also to find out if your Estate or Letting Agency has already put lone worker staff safety procedures into place.

We would be grateful if you would take a couple of minutes to complete the short poll below


1. Do you or any of your staff/colleagues regularly attend appointments on your own?

View Results

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2. Do you or any member of staff currently use an emergency alert notification mobile app?

View Results

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3. Are colleagues in your office able to find out your location should the need arise?

View Results

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4. If you currently use a lone worker system, do you pay for this service?

View Results

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5. If you do not use a lone worker system, do you think it worthwhile in having access to one that integrates with your software, allowing for emergency alerts, updates and live map tracking?

View Results

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6. If you answered yes to the above, would you use such a service?

View Results

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Dezrez Property Management Team Member Interview | Sarah Morris

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Dezrez Property Management Team Member Interview | Sarah Morris

What is your job title?

Account Manager for both dezrez and dezrezPM.

Sarah Morris. Account Manager @ Dezrez

Sarah Morris. Account Manager @ Dezrez












What is dezrezPM?

DezrezPM is a fantastic sister product to dezrez that allows agents to take the next step from marketing their lettings properties to managing them.

How long have you been working on the PM product?

I have worked at dezrez since 2007, first for dezrezLegal then dezrez software.  I joined the dezrezPM team in the summer 2013.

What is your role day to day?

My role is to welcome new customers to the software, make the transition as easy as possible for them as well as being a point of contact for my agents whenever they have issues or queries.

Do you have agency experience?

I haven’t worked in agency but have worked in a variety of jobs that have helped me with account management, for example I spent a year working in Walt Disney World where the customer is always a friend!

How would you describe the PM product in one sentence?

Uncluttered, modern, versatile.

What is your favourite feature of PM?

Compliant letters make it easy for agents to stay up to date in legislation. Quite simply it is one less thing for the agent to worry about.

What advice would you give an established lettings agency looking for property management software?

Think carefully about how your office works and how you want your software to work. I would encourage you to get demo’s from dezrezPM as well as our competitors, make sure all your questions are answered before making a decision. We are confident that you will be impressed with dezrezPM.

What advice would you give an agent starting a lettings agency?

For me I think training is key. We can teach you everything you need to know about how to use the software but if you need help in best practice we can also point you in the right direction of a highly regarded industry trainer (Susie Crolla).

Where do you think the lettings market is going in the next 12 months?

With the average age of a first time buyer around 37 it is inevitable there will be a huge demand for quality rental properties for the foreseeable future including family homes not just the one to two bed flats.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

I am a keen scuba diver. After reluctantly learning in preparation for my honeymoon in the Maldives I caught the bug after a manta ray encounter and ended up completing the next level qualification before I left.

Which radio station do you listen to on the way to work?

I suspect I may becoming a bit too old for my default radio one, but not quite ready to take the leap to radio two yet.

Extend Your Online Marketing With Propertini

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Dezrez Clients Now Have Access To The Propertini Property Search Platform

Dezrez  are delighted to announce that we will now be providing you with direct access to the Propertini real estate search platform. *There will be no extra cost or effort for this additional service to extend your online marketing.

Propertini is a Global Property search engine, that helps users search, select and share residential property worldwide.

To feature your listings on Propertini and increase the reach of your marketing, please complete the following form:

Property Registration Form

Dezrez will work with Propertini to ensure that your listings appear within their search results.

* Upload service is free if you are on our unlimited upload service. Contact our accounts team if you are unsure*

If you have any questions please call us on 0845 465 2222 option 3 or email







Get The Most Out Of Your Dezrez Software In 2014

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Become a Dezrez Expert in 2014

Every Estate Agency wants to run efficiently.  Get the most  out your dezrez Estate Agency Software with some extra training.  We have different training options that can be tailored to your needs.



Onsite training for a day (10:00-16:00) in a location of your choice (unlimited delegates) from £600/day

Delegate days in London, Birmingham & Barnsley through out 2014 at £150/person

Net training over the phone (on-to-one), topics depending on your needs.  £50/hour

Interested? View our training calendar here 


For more information on any of our training courses please call 0845 465 22 22

WordPress Integration Comes to Dezrez

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Due to popular demand from our estate agents, we’ve developed integration products and services for the content management system WordPress.

Why use WordPress?

Whether a private individual or a business owner, people turn to WordPress everyday mainly due to its ease of use. WordPress allows an individual or company to set up a website without any prior web development / programming knowledge. We believe this simplicity should be available for dezrez integration.

Our new plugins and WordPress Powered Site In A Box templates can help you achieve a quick and easy integration with minimum hassle.  No prior programming knowledge is required.


What we offer?

Property search functionality
Latest properties advertisement (Available as a widget)
Featured Properties advertisement (Available as a widget)
Vendor Login Area Integration
Ability to book a viewing online, arrange a call-back etc.
Google Map Integration
Street View Integration
Mortgage Calculator Integration

We offer these features as:

WordPress Plugin

An easy to use, self installing plugin that integrates most of the above core features such as Property search, Featured properties & Latest properties. The advanced features can be integrated with some extra development. We are constantly updating this plugin with new features and will be releasing add-ons in the near future to extend the functionality further.

Price : £300 + VAT
API/Update Fee: £20 PCM

WordPress Integration

A bespoke service performing integration of all of the above features into your pre-installed WordPress setup. Includes matching your themes exact appearance to the dezrez plugin.

Price : £400 + VAT
API/Update Fee: £20 PCM

Site In A Box (Powered By WordPress)

Our 2014 Site In a box Templates will be revealed shortly.  They are the ultimate self managed – out of the box website solution.

Price : £750 + VAT
API/Update/Support Fee: £20 PCM

If you are interested in any of our WordPress powered web solutions you can contact our web team via email at or call us on 0845 465 22 22 – Option 2.