New Websites! Bring your site and your agency into 2014!

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Dezrez Branding Team

We are happy to announce the release of 3 new Site in a box products!

Our branding team have been hard at work to bring you 3 new eye catching designs.

Each of the designs boasts responsive functionality, which allows mobile and tablet users to maximize their browsing experience as the design adapts to these devices.

With clever uses of subtle animation and quick loading the user experience on each of the sites is certainly a smooth one.

The latest web / coding standards are met by all 3 of the designs, meaning not only will your site function and perform well, but it will also be reliable

All 3 new designs have an attractive home page and interactive sliders for property searching, these websites are an all-in-one solution for estate agents of all sizes.

Just click on the designs below to find out more or contact us on 0845 465 2222.

Site in a Box DZ5

Site in a Box – DZ5

Site in a Box DZ6

Site in a Box DZ6

Site in a Box DZ7

Site in a Box DZ7




Press Release: DezrezLegal Trailblaze Apprenticeships

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DezrezLegal Trailblaze Apprenticeships

dLegalLogomovingeasy872x473Swansea-based DezrezLegal are thrilled that the Government has today announced their support for two new apprenticeships in conveyancing. 

Playing an active role in the Licensed Conveyancers Apprenticeship Consortium for the past 8 months, DezrezLegal actively encourages and supports the development of quality in-house Conveyancers.

Skills Minister Nick Boles also commented on the launch of the scheme:

“I’m delighted that the Licensed Conveyancers Apprenticeship Consortium has developed two new apprenticeship standards for a Licensed Conveyancer and for a Conveyancing Technician.

“Since 2010 there have been 1.8 million apprenticeship starts and the Licensed Conveyancers Apprenticeship Consortium are leading by example in the development and delivery of high quality apprenticeships that give people the chance of successful careers and help businesses get the skills they need to grow..”

As part of the commitment to innovation within the conveyancing sector, DezrezLegal have been actively involved with the Trailblazers scheme to develop new routes into the profession and ensure high quality training that is relevant to the sector today and for the future.

Laura Liddell, Managing Director of DezrezLegal said:

“We consider this announcement to be a big step forward in the provision of high standard training in our sector in order to meet the demands of what is a challenging and growing market.

“We were so excited to be part of such a forward thinking initiative as the Trailblazers scheme and are very much looking forwarded to seeing the impact of the new apprenticeships, encouraging a wider variety of quality individuals into our sector both at Technician and Conveyancer level, ensuring the future of our profession is bright.”

The development of the Conveyancing Trailblazer Apprenticeships have been supported directly by Dezrezlegal’s Licensing body, The Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).

Chief Executive of the CLC, Sheila Kumar said:

“We are delighted that the excellent work of the consortium has been recognised by Government and that the two new apprenticeships in conveyancing will go ahead. With the recovery of the housing market it is important that there is a reliable pipeline of talent entering the profession with rigorous qualifications based on great education and training to the highest standards. The creation of the new qualification of Conveyancing Technician is a response to demand from employers and those developing legal careers.

“These apprenticeships are an innovative route into rewarding legal careers without the burdens of student debt, and they are not just for school-leavers – those looking to formalize their current legal careers or looking for a career change can all benefits from an apprenticeship approach.  There is even government funding available for employers with apprentices on this scheme.

“Throughout its history, the CLC has been at the forefront of creating different ways of providing opportunities for meaningful careers in this important sector, and we are very excited about the development of these apprenticeships and the new role of Conveyancing Technician.

“Following the success of the conveyancing apprenticeship development so far we are working with another group of employers as well as the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners to explore the possibility of developing an apprenticeship in probate as part of the next wave of the scheme.”


To find out more about the Government initiative, please visit The Council for Licensed Conveyancers website

About DezrezLegal

DezrezLegal was established in 2009 to provide fast, efficient, quality conveyancing services to the customers of Dezrez.  Located in the same offices as Dezrez they are committed to innovation within their field and have grown at an impressive rate since their inception. Focussing on building great relationships with estate agents and clients DezrezLegal make the process of moving home as straight forward as possible.

Press Enquiries

For further information about DezrezLegal, please email

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Ian Says… Make Your Facebook Page an Accessible Property Hub!

August 15th, 2014 1 comment
IanHi!  I’m Ian Hawkins, Telesales Consultant for Dezrez Marketplace.  It’s my pleasure to introduce to you our Facebook Property App and give you an overview of how it would benefit your business.

The Dezrez property search app for Facebook is an essential tool that every estate agent should have in their marketing arsenal. It is a must have for any agent that wants to have a presence in the social spaces and would like users to be able to view their properties and arrange contact.  Any estate agent with a “Page” on Facebook can take full advantage of this great marketing app.

With a quick install from our experienced Branding & Advertising Team, your page will be turned into a quick and accessible property hub.

Level 4 Facebook162x134px

Visitors are then able to search for properties in the same way they can on your website or on Rightmove without actually leaving the comfort of their Facebook environment.

With comprehensive search options, detailed property pages and the ability to like and share properties with their friends on Facebook; and given that a majority of the UK population are now on Facebook, it means that this application is a vital addition to an estate agents marketing sector.

Visit our Marketplace today for more information.

About Team Rezi

August 13th, 2014 1 comment

The team behind our new cloud-based estate agency software have been working hard for the last 12 months creating Rezi.  Often forgotten in the deepest, darkest dwellings of the development department, the team have built Rezi from the ground up.  From big wild ideas to the tiny touches that makes Rezi easy to use; from designers’ sketches on a napkin during an “eureka!” moment to the developers writing the HTML5 web application code that brings it all to life – all the while testing with real estate agents & continuing to improve the software.

We thought you’d like to know a bit more about the Rezi Team and what’s been happening during the development of Rezi.  Enjoy!

Rezi Fun Stats-amended 576x2177px

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Staff Photo Competition for Rezi

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Hi!  I’m Keri Beal and I’m the Team Leader & Scrum Master for Rezi. 

Being a very personal project for all involved, we wanted to ensure all staff had the opportunity to be part of Rezi and to make it as good-looking as possible for you.

As the new software is so state-of-the-art, we wanted cool photos as backgrounds to help represent relationships between groups of people/families.

We decided to hold a photo competition and the creative people at Dezrez submitted a couple of hundred outstanding photos, 30 of which (shown in the collage above) will be included in Rezi!  Unfortunately, it is a competition and there could only be one overall winner.

And the Overall Winner is…

Peter Osbourne from our Technical Support department, for the below photo of a happy couple :)



Freya Davies: Making a Product Customers Love

August 13th, 2014 2 comments

019d4a100ef8df2341622dd175d346edacbffe1c8b_00001This month I celebrate my 9th year working at Dezrez and probably my most memorable as we celebrate the launch of “Rezi” our new cloud based software for sales and lettings estate agents.

I have spent the last year sleeping and breathing Rezi, making sure we build a product that is feature rich, and a product that gives users an experience to remember.

Technology has been rapidly changing and expanding in every field imaginable over the past couple of years. For convenience, communication, social and business.

Technology has changed the face and pace of businesses from self-service check out at the local supermarket to touch screen check in at your doctor’s surgery. So what technology do Estate Agents require to effectively run their business in today’s market?

This was the question I was asking when we embarked on our biggest project yet, a project that I hoped would change the future for our Estate Agents.  And here we are just 12 months later launching a BETA version of that very product ‘Rezi’ and I am confident that we are about to give our users exactly what they asked for and much more.

“We want cloud based software that is incredibly fast, a tool that we can use on the move, a tool that allows staff to write up property details and upload photos on the move, a tool that gives my valuers comparable information at the click of a button, a tool that organises our calendar and notifies me of appointments, who I am meeting, where and directions all whilst on the road.  A tool that works on a multitude of devices, different browsers and mobile tablets, a product that is secure, a tool that is customisable, a tool that allows me to set up workflows that mirror my business processes, a tool that looks good, is simple to use but has all the functionality I could wish for. A tool that is social, that helps me manage my staff, my sales branch, my lettings branch, my entire agency – that is our dream”

Welcome Rezi.



Of course we wanted to give our users the latest technologies, a fast, mobile, cloud based product, but we also had the opportunity to give our agents an exceptional user experience through our software. Imagine enjoying using your day to day software as much as using your iPad or iPhone?

Future proofing.

We wanted to architect a platform on which we could build into the future and give users the features that help them look professional, work smarter, work faster.

A bit like drawing up the plan for building a new house, we needed to make sure we had thought of the extension we may want to build in 10 years’ time. Not just next year.

We have invested a lot in doing this and the possibilities for the future are considerable. Our users ask us to add features to our current Dezrez product and whilst it is possible, it is a bit like adding an extra room to the house that doesn’t really have the foundations to support it.

We want to give our agents a product that is flexible, customisable, and an environment in which we can add to quickly, efficiently and of course give the users exactly what they want.


How we approach design at Dezrez.

We wanted to design a product that gives exceptional user experience, a product that our agents enjoy using every day. Think Apple; think about how they put so much into the user experience of their products. We have adopted that culture.

We live in a world of choice yet ironically as humans we generally want fewer choices. We want less complexity, so, we have heavily invested in our approach to the design of Rezi.

With over 15 years knowledge of building sales and lettings software for estate agents we think we know what agents want from software, after all, a large proportion of the Dezrez team have previously worked in Estate Agency. However, the mistake made by many product teams is building technology for what they believe the user would want rather than what the actual end user needs.  This is exactly what we wanted to avoid. We wanted to put Estate Agents back in the driving seat! And that’s exactly what we did. We invested in User focused design and spent many months putting our early designs in front of agents across the UK.

To date we have tested with over 65 agents from Directors, to branch managers, negotiators and part time weekend staff and from this research we have been able to gauge what users need.

rezi design process


Customer testing.

It doesn’t finish there, we are about to embark on the next step of testing for which we are excited to be introducing Rezi to our first agents Country Property, in Chipping Sodbury. This month General Manager, William Hills will be assisting us with user acceptance testing of our BETA product in preparation for our launch later this summer.


Putting our goals in stone and plans in sand.

We have goals for we want to achieve over the next 10 years but we are expecting our immediate plans to be driven by our customers.

We want to put Estate Agents back in the driving seat and allow them to guide us with their requirements that will shape the future of Rezi.

We want to make sure that Rezi is always accessible on all the latest technologies and on all the devices users want to use.

Accessed anywhere and anytime, Rezi will be fast, mobile, reliable, responsive, secure, and functionally rich and a user experience our agents will love.


Freya Davies
Senior Product Manager


<Sign up to find out about our feature>

Dezrez Site of the Month | August | VitalSpace

August 13th, 2014 1 comment

August’s site of the month is
As soon as you land on VitalSpace’s website your attention is caught by a vibrant yet professional colour scheme and neatly laid out search and information links to ensure you are able to find what you are looking for easily. Featured properties are displayed with neat and sleek transitions from each slide to the next with easily findable links to view the properties in full detail.


Another detail we love about this site is their quick easy valuation form. This little tab sits on the side of the page and greets users who would like to quickly send off a request to have their houses valued or send a simple enquiry to a chosen branch.

We also love that when scrolling through the various pages of the site reading about recent properties etc. the navigation menu stays with you at every step of the way, allowing for quick navigation to other areas of the site if desired.
The site was made in conjunction with “MANCHESTERMADE” a company that specialises in design and adding creative features and styles to products for their customers.




Employee Spotlight: Meet Freya Davies

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FreyaName: Freya Davies

What’s your position within dezrez?

Senior Product Manager

New Year’s Resolutions?

To learn how to use a sewing machine!

How long have you been with dezrez for?

9 years

A short background about yourself

Born and bred in Swansea, I have done my fair share of travelling over the years and now settled back in the home land. I have been at dezrez since 2005, I am the Product Manager for Rezi our new exciting cloud based product! I haven’t always worked in IT and after graduating I worked as a junior Geologist in central Australian which was an experience of a life time. However, sieving gold was not a long term job aspiration for me and after 18 months travelling I returned home to study a Masters in IT – the rest is history. Outside of work, I am a keen artist and paint canvases. I enjoy Monday night Pilate classes and taking the camper van out for a weekend of hiking and camping with my partner and dog Ruby.

Funniest moment in dezrez

Accidentally locking the car keys in the boot of the works car on the M25 on the way to visit a customer

Favourite Film?

Point Break

What sports teams do you support?

Brought up in a male dominated family, I have been moulded into a Swansea City supporter.

What CDs do you keep in your car, favourite music/ bands/ artists

Daft Punk, Portishead & Fleetwood Mac

Favourite food

Cauliflower cheese with bacon sprinkles every time!

Most embarrassing moment

Having zero sense of direction – I once left the motorway services and drove back in the direction I had just come from. Embarassing!


Running the London Marathon 2008

What dezrez product would you recommend and why? Including additional features and add ons

Rezi. It’s fast, mobile, responsive, secure, cutting edge, it has just arrived and the best user experience out there!

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Ian Says… Target Your Market with

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IanHi!  I’m Ian Hawkins, Telesales Consultant for Dezrez Marketplace and it’s my pleasure to introduce to you to give you an overview of how it would benefit your business.

Brief Your Market is a complete multi-channel e-marketing platform which allows you to send ‘intelligent’ newsletters, e-mails, automated messages, direct mail, letters, SMS messages and surveys direct to your current, past and future customers.

Brief Your Market is set-up to save both time and money to allow your marketing budget to go further and be more effective; for example, bulk e-mailing can give a response rate of 4%, Brief Your Market averages 30%, giving a return on investment of £188 for every £1 spent. 

Through ‘intelligent’ newsletters  Brief Your Market allows you to send a single newsletter containing all your articles to your client list, the unique smart-filter will determine which articles are relevant for each client based on their individual preferences in their profile. Therefore your clients will only be sent articles that are of interest to them meaning that they don’t consider your newsletters to be ‘spam’ or nuisance e-mails, rather they are informative and relevant.

Level 3 BYM 132x169px

If you prefer to use direct mail to contact customers then Brief Your Market allows you to send highly targeted direct mail to your existing database, or if you are looking to attract new customers you make use of the date module which contains over 43 million UK addresses, which can be filtered down to reach a specific audience. Brief Your Market also allows you to create, print and send your direct mail all for less than the cost of a 2nd class stamp.

There are a number of other features available from Brief Your Market which are designed to help save you time and money, whilst maximising your marketing budget.

If you would like to find out more please contact me on 01792 610 219 or email at

Connectivity Issues: Tuesday 12th August 2014

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Many customers have been without access to Dezrez for the majority of the day and we are still working with BT & other service providers to closely monitor & seek a resolution to the issues.

This morning the Dezrez servers needed to travel the affected part of the internet to retrieve images from another server. Failing to do this meant that eventually the whole server locked up and the Dezrez system came to a halt.  We asked our ISP to re-route our requests to the server so we could bypass the affected area.  They achieved this at around 1:30pm which was when the system started working for the majority of customers.

Unfortunately, there are routing issues with multiple ISPs in some parts of the UK, so information has been unable to reach our servers. BT had some success in fixing this within some parts of the UK whilst some customers remain unaffected, there are many (especially BT & Sky customers we have found) who are.

These ISP issues have affected a number of websites throughout the day, including eBay Europe, PayPal, Amazon & Autotrader as reported on

We will keep our customers updated and, in the meantime, please call us on 0845 465 2222 or email if you have any specific queries.

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